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Xiaxue deserves our respect

Posted on 10 April 2013

A letter writer and Xiaxue fan explains why no one is allowed to criticise Xiaxue.


Dear New Nation,

It has come to my attention that a lot of people are criticising Xiaxue lately because she just given birth to a son.

Check out her response to her haters on Facebook:


Therefore, I would like to advise everyone out there who is a Xiaxue hater to stop picking on her. She does not deserve to be criticised.

This is because Xiaxue is not only my favourite blogger, she is Singapore’s best blogger.

Hence, no one is allowed to talk bad about Xiaxue, unless you are more popular and more beautiful than her.

I do not wish to argue with anyone but I can offer three good reasons why only Xiaxue can talk bad about other people, but other people cannot talk bad about her and her newborn baby.

I will prove all your arguments and counterarguments as invalid.

1. Firstly, Xiaxue is the first and best blogger in Singapore

Xiaxue’s blog attracts 50,000 readers a day. She is very famous online and even people on the street also recognise her.

This makes Xiaxue a celebrity and she is even more famous than Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu.

And the reason she can attain this fame is because she is the first blogger in Singapore having been blogging since April 2003.

And why is she the first blogger? Because there is no other blogger who has blogged as long as her.

Being the first on the scene gives her the right to talk bad about everyone else.

2. Secondly, Xiaxue makes the most money online.

This means that what she says is very important. Only rich people are allowed to comment about other people because other people who are not as rich and as famous will not be taken as seriously as Xiaxue.

So, if anyone of you want to talk bad about Xiaxue, please at least make sure you are more famous, thank you very much.

3. Lastly, Xiaxue is pretty

People who insult Xiaxue should take a good hard look at themselves first.

Look at Xiaxue. She is very pretty. Blonde, sharp nose, big eyes, a full chest and looks tall in photos.

Best of all, her good looks has allowed her to marry an American i.e. a Caucasian. He fell in love with her because she does not wear that much make-up and she has natural blue eyes.

It is no surprise her baby looks mixed blood and this will only make Xiaxue more famous in the future.

Yours truly,
Xiaxue fan

This post was written by:

- who has written 268 posts on New Nation.

Joey is an intern at New Nation. He hopes to be as funny as Belmont one day and get laid at least twice a month.

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  • Minghui Kuok

    I suddenly realised I’m nowhere more famous, let alone more experienced/richer/better looking. Hell, in fact I doubt I’m nowhere more intelligent than 90% of the local population lol!

    • danielfoo

      i’m sure you’re right

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  • sg_research

    Nice!!! love the sarcasm

  • fu

    Fuck u xx is a fat ugly cow ru serious u find her attravtive? She is an ugly chink who looks like an uglier version of mz piggy. Ive seen prettier trannys than this whore. I hope her baby gets in a car accident and dies!!!!!! Hahaaaaa u losrr bitch and ur dumbass blog get real u ugly chinks!!!

    • New Nation

      Well, that escalated quickly

    • Denise

      But overall, she is as attractive as you are:) and please type with proper punctuation. Tsk tsk you are a disgrace as an anti fan.

    • rachel smith

      i can see that the blogger is just ignorant and innocent,like she never seen outside of the world ha!i really burst into laugh when i see this’ no one is allowed to talk bad about Xiaxue, unless you are more popular and more beautiful than her’ jesus,are the singaporian just plain dumb or over nerd? xia xue got a natural blue eyes?jesus,she ever looked pretty?sorry i just dont really think so,ive been seeing all her news on the internet,are singaporians really that shallow?

  • Stacey

    Wendy is a shallow bitch always critizing other people and they’re looks well guess what? Karmas a bitch and its getting you back ten folds! You’re not going to be able to protect your child forever and I’m Asian but I find her to be a disgrace to all Asians. Oh btw just because you make more money doesn’t mean your better than everyone else and Wendy is an ugly pile of shit. As for this writer do us a favour and go kill yourself your just as disgusting and a disgrace like your ugly idol. If I were her son I wish I were aborted.

    • Denise

      LOL. Have you ever looked yourself into the mirror before calling xiaxue ugly? You think she is a disgrace to Asians…pfft well she isn’t. You are. You are disgracing asians by calling her ugly and posting it here. What makes you think she critize people, did she criticize you? -.- if no then stfu. Wtf is wrong with you maaan.. Didn’t your mum teach you to think twice before speaking stacey?? Aww poor fella’.

  • Stacey

    How is this bitch pretty? She photoshops her pictures because she knows she’s ugly !!!!! How is that attractive? She look like a china mom like those fobs in Chinatown. Go get some better plastic surgery like dawn yang if your gonna be plastic at least do it right dipshit

    • Silver Soul

      Okay, YOU ARE THE BITCH. You don’t know what she’s gone through to look like what she is today. She DOES NOT PHOTOSHOP, DUMBASS. If you check out her makeup tutorials, in the end, she looks gorgeous. Why is it okay for Americans to dye there hair pink, or put in eye enlarging contacts (like lady gaga)?! Tell me what is with you. Why are you here if you hate her in the first place? HUH? Racist ignorant pompous jerks like you should stay home and die! I’m a asian myself. She’s not a fake. She has the courage to answer about her plastic surgery questions, and doesn’t hide it. She critize’s others because thast what she does. You piano teachers or school teachers will correct you on how you do, and you have the choose to do it or not.

      • dis

        Okay, YOU ARE THE BITCH. You don’t know what she’s gone through to look like what she is today.

        pray tell..

    • Denise

      Oh please … You are just jealous cause she can afford one and you can’t. But by posting negative phrases here isn’t gonna make you look any better :)

  • Dave Lucas

    I love Xiaxue! An honest and wonderful blogger I’ve followed since was “unknown.” As for Dawn Yang –

    • Anon

      Dawn Yang is old news. She is a liar. Thanks to Xiaxue for revealing that, bye. And you Mr. Dave Lucas is a dick rider.

  • Irritatedmom

    LOL!! This post is making mie laugh out loud!! So which part of her is PRETTY?? Maybe her photoshops skills are awesome. Lol.. If she is pretty, why she is not miss singapore or sth? Anyway, she is just famous among singapore. She is not famous as a good person but good at scolding people. Is there any law that she can say bad about people and we cant? No right or not? She isnt our whatever god but just acting big! Cuz she is nomoney.. Making alot of money online so what? Is that big deal? There are plenty of more rich people in singapore!!!!! So she is just your idols not ours because she keep on spaming vulgarities or talking nonsense. Doesnt act like one mother but always care about her beauty and fame. I really feel shamful as she is a singaporean. She should mind her words of creating further more haters or being even more dislike that will pass down to her son dashiel, although he might innocent but as long as is her child, he might get bullied when he get into sch.. She must protect her kid by stop acting big! Cuz somehow she is really nobody :/

    • danielfoo

      lol idiot. it’s called sarcasm.

      • matsentul

        lol. I really can’t decide which is funnier; the article or the level of smugness and ignorance I see in this thread.

      • KRN

        the moment when the article makes people go crazy and author sits there laughing.

    • rachel

      haha even ms singapore are never something pretty

  • Ch

    I would not be able to recognize xiaxue on the street, but i’ll be able to recognize Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu. And I don’t read her blog.

    Your arguments doesn’t make sense at all.

    Who said being the first on the scene gives her the right to talk bad about everyone else?

    • danielfoo

      who said so? this article. which was meant as a joke, which you didn’t get. lol idiot

      • Rayech

        Proof? Sounds like a true blue Xiaxue fan albeit a little extreme. Did she tell you in person it was sarcasm? Guess who’s the new retard on the block. Hate know it alls so maybe do the world a favour and shut that big ass trap of yours.

        • danielfoo

          What? You do know this is newnation, a p a r o d y news site right? LOL. I’d rather be a “know it all” than a dumbass like you. Btw i posted the last comment and this one with my “big ass trap” closed. I suggest you don’t reply by typing with your mouth. That would be too slow and honestly a bit stupid

  • Shok

    Eat shit Denise, defending xiaxue like some rabid dog. U think the bitch will be grateful to u? U are nobody stfu ugly shit

  • girlwithsmallnose:)

    I love how fugly Xiaxue believes that she is pretty. HUGE head and long face. Ugly square teeth and smile. Her HOLY NOSE still is ugly as fuck. Big nose wings, and I mean really big with big holes.

    Her circle lens make her eyes even smaller and so does her eyeliner because she doesn’t know how to properly apply make up.

    Plus she’s a midget. Less than 150 cm, wow. And the funniest thing is that she thinks she a ‘mean girl’ like Regina George. BITCH PLEASE. Look at your unedited face and at the girls from the movie. You have no right to call anyone but yourself ugly, self-loathing bitch. She claims her son is blond and blocks everyone who disagrees. Your son looks Asian, deal with it!

  • angeline

    Stop arguing about this topic. I don’t think you all care about your parents much than this celebrity

  • Alexamonica

    I think she is average looking per and post -surgery . I find her post surgery look a little too artificial for my taste.Looks like she have a nice life. Makes the money, have a baby, is married, companies sponsors and/ or pays her .She have a lot going for her .
    I also think her husband is a average looking white american man.

    I think everyone has the right to criticize her, because she criticize many in her years of blogging . But I still think people should leave her baby out. On the other hand, XiaXue can be a little merciless to others sometimes .Perhaps it is payback for the years bad mouthing others?It is just too bad.

  • Tanya Tonéva Iliéva

    Whoever wrote that is pretty much delusional. I have nothing against her but if she doesn’t want to be criticized she should just stop uploading her baby’s photos. People are free to say their opinion, if she doesn’t want to hear it she shouldn’t post photos on internet in first place.

  • online_reader

    you all below need to get a life. too much time on your hands to leave hate comments about a blogger’s looks. How does it even affect your life?! Why does it matter to you…yet so much passion you have. Temporary satisfaction I guess. Grow up and stop living a sad life – nothing good will come

  • limpeh

    Kan nin na eh. Kam lan.

  • Lara


  • IDontJudgePplByAppearances

    Uh, “girlwithasmallnose:)” You realize she has feelings, too, right? How’d you feel after reading a comment like that about you? Seriously. Second of all, she’s not ugly! Saying things like that doesn’t make you prettier than her…
    Anywayyy, I think her makeup looks pretty good! And people need to stop with their comments, mmkay? Keep your opinions to yourself.

  • alrighty then

    I don’t find xiaxue ugly. She may appear different in pictures, videos, or in real life, but she uses photoshop and had plastic surgery to look prettier. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty.

  • XiaxueIsDisgusting

    Xiaxue is fucking gross, she’s a self-hating Asian who worships white men, she’s bragged about having countless Asian boyfriends in the past but the moment she found a white man (he probably has yellow fever, it’s not genuine love lol) she posts photos and everything about him online, she even got married to him and had a kid with him. Why? because apparently white means more money, but I can safely assure you that no self-respecting white person degrades their self by dating or mixing with an Asian. She’s dreaming if she thinks she can ever be considered white, She’s just a fugly chink who’s tried to erase her Asian heritage through poorly done plastic surgery but she will always be Asian, even her mixed kid looks more Asian. What a disappointment to her that she’ll never have natural blonde hair or blue eyes like a real European person. There’s nothing I hate more than Asians who use white people as accessories, this is why we need to ban interracial relationships and send these yellow chink apes back to their shitty countries so they can stop stealing white people to use our genes in their mixed kids. Only real white people should have blonde hair and coloured eyes. Stick to your own kind.

  • jadey

    Wow, what a well written article…

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  • Tyki

    i took a look at the mirrior and i still call her fugly

    • fotis_stavrakis

      kyriemelo (: