Tourists excited to see S’poreans protesting

Posted on 26 April 2013

Tour groups highlight Hong Lim May Day Protest as a place of interest to visit.


The upcoming May Day Protest at Hong Lim Park is not only drawing the attention of local authorities — it is widely anticipated by tourists who will be in Singapore on May 1.

This is due to the rarity of public protests here.

And many tourists will be flocking to where the action is as they are already exchanging tips on online travel forums, excitedly mentioning Hong Lim Park as a major place of interest to visit.

A European tourist, Fromme Elleswear, said: “Seeing Singaporeans protesting in public is as rare as witnessing a camel mating with a salmon.”

“It never happens.”

The Hong Lim Park protest is also catching the imagination of tourists from authoritarian landscapes.

Huwantu Id-Sheed, an Arabian man, said: “It would be my pleasure to provide Singaporeans some tips at Hong Lim Park on how to carry a banner and pump their fist in the air while chanting slogans with gusto.”

However, Singaporeans interviewed by New Nation said they are not too keen of the idea that tourists will be at the protest to take their photos.

Boh Tao Nao, a local, said: “First they take our jobs, then they take our public transportation. And then they take our women. After that they also take our flats and our schools.”

“You mean now foreigners want to come and take our photos? I better store my photos in a safe place where they cannot find it.”

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  • Bob Koh

    Don’t take my photo, snap me if you want to…err, not at HLP, please?