Some LOL comments made by City Harvest Church members

Posted on 23 April 2013

Found in the “COC Must Not Remove the 8 Leaders of CHC” Facebook page.

Kong Hee and friends' supporters prove they are more rabid than Workers' Party's supporters.

Kong Hee and friends’ supporters prove they are more rabid than Workers’ Party’s supporters.

So, it appears that things are coming to a head.

At a loss of how else to proceed, at least one City Harvest Church member has taken to Facebook activism to show support for their beleaguered leaders, Kong Hee and friends.

Last Wednesday, a Facebook group called “COC Must Not Remove the 8 Leaders of CHC” was created by someone from the church.

It’s purpose? To spur members to write to the Commissioner of Charities to appeal not to suspend some church leaders permanently and bar the rest for life, resulting in them not being able to head a charity body forever.

Is this active citizenry in action? Maybe?

But who cares?

Because what is really LOL are some of the comments that have been left on the page by CHC members.

1. The good old testament treatment of thou shalt smite them all, you little twerps

2. I want a quick fix, nicely packaged answer and salvation. Amen

3. You just quoted a scripture verse? You are so deep

4. You are free to pick whoever you want as your leader. If they pay taxes

5. Yup, a large group of people are always sane…
… just like the Taliban

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  • Marcus Khaw

    Lol to new nation and Wang Pei. I felt the need to troll and wrote as a tongue in cheek comment and was amused that I got an answer. Thanks for reprinting though I couldn’t get any less atheist if I tried! :-p

    • New Nation

      Congrats! You got us! Damn you’re good!

    • Ramesh Thanikodi


    • Minghui Kuok

      I don’t have any issues with atheists. You can try asking the gun rights blokes lol! 😀

  • Yong Kai Chang

    Erm. I’m not a CHC member leh. Not Christian or religious either. I quoted the Bible coz I thot that’s the only thing that would seep into their skulls. Apparently not, my post was removed soon after :( But thanks for thinking I’m deep, it’s touching *sniff*

    • New Nation

      Wow so you were trolling as well. Damn you’re good too

      • Minghui Kuok

        Eh, so that means my 1st post will also kenna remove leh! O.o

  • Victor Choo

    Hi, please elaborate what you mean by “You are free to pick whoever you want as your leader. If they pay taxes”.

  • Minghui Kuok
  • troll

    Dumbass author here quoted the wrong people. LOL

  • LOLBack

    Can we use the clever hate button for this article? Pay Wang here quoted non CHC members and LOL at them without checking if they were CHC members. LMAO

  • gigollo

    Get a life, Pay4Wang… Report on things u actually know about. Nothing.

  • Paul Raj

    This is my pure opinion:

    Christianity has never been honest or sincere to its believers. After JC (Jesus Christ) died, his prophecy and efforts have been best exploited by humans to make the best money out of it. Which ever church you go, money collection in the name of god and those pastors and his related people live happily ever after. Innocent religion believers who paid always suck bitterness in their life…

    Classic case is this City Harvest Church….

    CITY HARVEST CHURCH harvested public money for the sake of producing a music album, some hopeless women’s career..lavish parties and so on…

    • truth

      Your opinion is wrong.
      Christianity n churches are two very different things.

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