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‘S-E-X-Y’ is how women spell Nizam Ismail’s name

Posted on 30 April 2013

Profile of ex-director of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is going through the roof, thanks to Berita Harian.


Nizam Ismail, who recently resigned from the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) as director after he alleged that he was hinted to tone down his critical views by some members of the ruling government, has been on the receiving end of Singapore’s Malay newspaper.

A recent spate of articles in Berita Harian (BH) shone the spotlight on his private life and past history.

The newspaper reported that Nizam divorced his first wife because he was messing around with his current second wife, and they are known as Awesome Twosome, having performed at the Esplanade with her on vocals and him on piano.

Nizam is also allegedly a womaniser who had dalliances with numerous Chinese ladies that resulted in a child.

He has accumulated credit card debt of over $33,000 and OCBC is after him with a lawsuit.

On top of all these, what’s most surprising is that he held cushy jobs in big banks like MAS; as Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance for Southeast Asia in Lehman Brothers; and later, Executive Director, Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia of Morgan Stanley.

Women interviewed by New Nation said they find Nizam irresistible.

Lai Zhuo Ai, a 30-year-old swinger and bisexual, said: “Oh god reading these details made my panties wet.”

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  • Sexplorer

    When asked why Straits Times did not pursue Michael Palmer’s case with such details, a spokeswoman at SPH who owns Straits Times said. “Michael was only messing around with PA and PAP women and we considered it as parental-consent discourse with potential to intercourse. Whereas Nizam is fooling around with WP and other dangerous women. We regard this as adultery with potential to prostitution.