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Recalcitrant smokers pass snide remarks about haze

Posted on 22 April 2013

They are mocking the authorities for passing myopic laws to curb smoking.


The sudden appearance of haze and burning smell across many parts of Singapore last Friday drew snide remarks aplenty from smokers here.

They are mocking the authorities for passing myopic laws and raising taxes to prohibit smoking in recent years, when they are obviously completely helpless in mitigating the smoke crisis originating from Sumatra every year.

One smoker, Sio Hoon Kee, said: “Want to curb smoking, reduce number of places where people can smoke, make it so bloody expensive, now see what happen? One time haze come all also kenna asthma.”

Smokers further argue that haze from forest fires is more deadly as they contain soot, which causes boogers to turn darker brown and grey, and more solid.

Poon Kah Song, another smoker, said: “When I smoke cigarette, my booger also won’t turn so hard and brown.”

“Furthermore, even if all smokers in Singapore light up at the same time, we also won’t cause any visible haze, right? This just shows how bad forest fire haze can be compared to the damage we do.”

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  • nonsmoker

    those remarks don’t make much sense, haze, bad or not, happens fora few days, smokers create that haze in their lungs multiple times, every day of the year…