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Original complainant of Demon-cratic Singapore comics accused of sedition

Posted on 24 April 2013

Public urges police to arrest complainant.


Now that the cartoonist of Demon-cratic Singapore has been arrested for possible sedition due to a complaint about his comic, members of the public are urging the police to arrest the original complainant for possible sedition as well.

This is because the original complaint that led to the cartoonist’s arrest subsequently generated massive amounts of publicity for the Demon-cratic Singapore comic to a wider audience, who otherwise would not have known about it.

This caused sedition to spread.

One Singaporean, Zhen Tian Zhen, said: “I never even read Demon-cratic Singapore before, but now I have, I feel tainted by seditious feelings.”

This has highlighted a possible breach of the law.

A lawyer, who declined to be named said: “It is an offence to generate seditious materials. It is also an offence to cause its dissemination.”

This caused other locals to advise the police to act swiftly against the original complainant for fear of a miscarriage of justice.

Another Singaporean, Lia Pai Lang, said: “If the police do not arrest the complainant, the police should arrest the police.”

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