Online cartoonist wins instant fame after getting arrested

Posted on 24 April 2013

Other artists treating police arrest as an invitation to glory and street cred.


Local cartoonist, Leslie Chew, 37, was arrested by the police last Friday for alleged sedition and released on Sunday night after posting bail of S$10,000.

The charges relate to two of his comic strips from his Demon-cratic Singapore series found on Facebook, which are deemed to have crossed the line.

His arrest is making the international rounds and has put Singapore on the map. Again. This follows the arrest and trial of Sticker Lady, who pasted stickers and spray painted local sayings on public property.

And Singaporeans who have never heard of the Demon-cratic Singapore comics are now thanking the police for introducing them to it.

One Singaporean, Jin Kum Gong, said: “After I read the news that Leslie Chew got arrested, I went to read all the Singapore Demon-cratic comics in one night.”

“I even shared them with all my friends.”

This new found fame has resulted in other local artists becoming jealous.

One of them, Tan Boh Jiak, said: “His brand name, personal stock and street cred has risen overnight due to one arrest. It is only a dream for the rest of us to get recognised like this.”

Other Singaporeans, however, are puzzled about what the fuss is about.

Bu Ming Bai, a local, said: “Wouldn’t his comics be made more seditious after arresting him because more people will become aware of it?”

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