12 things the Singapore Shiok video campaign missed

Posted on 28 April 2013

Singapore Tourism Board should add these suggested things in.


The Singapore Tourism Board has a new marketing video out. (Video available at the end.)

It is two-and-a-half minutes of scenes showing things in Singapore that make locals — and hopefully tourists — go “Shiok!”

The various states of shiok featured in the video occur when people eat ice kacang or get rubbed down during massage, among many other buttock-clenching moments of excitement.

But the shiok scenes do not include clips of paedophilia and underage prostitution, which are on the rise in Singapore.

However, to help the Singapore Tourism Board, here are some of New Nation‘s recommended shiok moments of Singapore to help draw more tourists.

1. Singapore tropical climate ensures that she is like a hot woman — wet, wild and unpredictable! Shiok!


2. Every year Singapore got free protection from the harmful effects of sunshine sponsored by Sumatra? Shiok!


3. Wah Singapore’s unique brand of loyalty so steady one? Shiok!


4. Go coffeshop, no need to wait for table? Shiok!


5. Singapore 3G network so power ah? Only don’t work when you need it? Shiok!


6. Wah! Become prostitute in Singapore got more legal protection than street artist? Shiok!


7. One small island can squeeze 6.9 million people! Shiok!


8. Singapore got so many patriotic locals ah? Shiok!


9. Singapore very safe hor? Police make sure you are safe all the time! Shiok!


10. Wah Singapore so zhai ah? Police arrest cartoonist that are not funny? Shiok!


11. Wah authorities help citizens protect their virginity? Shiok!


12. Banana walnut cake! Shiok!


Check out the video for yourself:

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