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WP convinces S’poreans a subdued opposition is best

Posted on 19 March 2013

WP stayed relatively silent to show Singaporeans that PAP can be the PAP’s worst critic.


The deafening silence displayed by the Workers’ Party during the recent nine-day parliamentary Budget debate has drawn criticism from some quarters who claim that it was an overall weak performance by the opposition party.

Ex-opposition member Goh Meng Seng, said WP should have seized the opportunity to ask hard questions, in particular, pressing the government about car ownership restrictions.

Goh, known to be an active user of Facebook, wrote on the social networking site: “I was expecting opposition MPs to raise this concern… why are PAP MPs snatching all these topics?”

However, experts interviewed by New Nation said that WP remained taciturn during the debate was a clever ploy. It demonstrated to Singaporeans that a quiet opposition presence is enough to provoke the PAP into better debates in parliament.

And for the PAP to become its own worst critic. And that the PAP didn’t put in enough effort in the past to critique themselves because there was a lack of opposition voices in parliament to begin with.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “It is easy for citizens these days to post questions online that are difficult. For example, ‘What is love?’ or ‘How to remove wine stains from my cat’s fur?'”

“But being in parliament, you need to be strategic and talk when you have to. Or else, it will prolong sessions unnecessarily and make things even more boring as we already don’t have fist fights and chair-throwing.”

A ST report on March 16, 2013 about WP's performance during the Budget debate.

A ST report on March 16, 2013 about WP’s performance during the Budget debate.

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