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Sticker Lady to have a taste of own medicine

Posted on 26 March 2013

Court to decide if Sticker Lady should be vandalised as punishment.


Singapore is exploring options of meting out unusual punishment to the Sticker Lady, a.k.a. Samantha Lo, for her role in creating fringe street art that is determined to be vandalism by authorities who are anal-retentive about cleanliness and order.

One way she could be punished is to spray paint her with local sayings on her body.

For example, her arm can be spray painted to say “My Government Arm” and it will be left on her for the duration her spray painted “My Grandfather Road” was left on the ground.

Another way is to paste stickers on various parts of her body.

For instance, a sticker with a local saying such as, “Stare too hard I paiseh”, will be pasted on her forehead and she will be made to parade around in it.

The sticker will be left on her for the duration her stickers with local sayings such as “Anyhow paste kena fine” were left at the buttons at pedestrian crossings.

When asked to comment whether this move is a rumour or grounded in reality, a police spokesperson who did not want to be named said there are plans in the pipeline to showcase Singapore’s creativity.

The spokesperson said: “As the accused does not have scrotum, we cannot cane her like Michael Fay.”

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