Sex.Violence. FamilyValues gets scathing reviews from some cinema-goers

Posted on 26 March 2013

sex violence family values

Sex.Violence.FamilyValues, the Singaporean movie that was banned in the country and later re-allowed on condition that some scenes are circumcised, has received bad reviews from cinema-goers.

The movie, rated R21 by the Moral Development Authority of Singapore, has been widely anticipated because it features the going-ons at a porn film set and also generous helpings of Sylvia Ratonel’s almost-bare bum. 

However, one disappointed viewer, who watched the film on his 21st birthday, was upset the movie didn’t quite match his imagination.

“The film features no nudity at all. Nothing. Not like in Borat, which had an oversized, talking penis and gays,” said the Malay scholar.

“And the racist jokes and vulgarities? Seen and heard worse in the Army.”

Another movie-goer, Chee Koh Peh, was let down by how hard it was to locate the cinema, likening it to his wife’s non-existent G-spot. Screened on the obscure ninth-floor of youth hangout Cineleisure, it seemed as if the cinema itself is ashamed to show the film.

“And it was over so quickly! No time to get my tissue paper out. I think a visit to Geylang is more worth it,” said the 50-year-old taxi driver. The movie, which consisted of three shorts, only had a run time of 50 minutes.

Not all viewers are slamming the film though. Voicing her approval is Victoria Ng, a frequent letter writer to New Nation and Straits Times.

“I’m glad the MDA is becoming stricter with their movie ratings,” she said.

“We can be lax with films from loose Western countries, but local film makers need to be careful about corrupting our children,” she said.

BANNED in 2012. BACK in 2013. Sex.Violence.FamilyValues – dirrrty trailer from Ken Kwek on Vimeo.

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