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NS man grateful for holiday at reservist camp

Posted on 18 March 2013

Nation also sleeps well, knowing that soldiers are doing their duty


What you think the army might be like: A dramatised poster of Singapore cycling over to Johor to wage war.

“Reservist is very switch off, lah. I write the RO (Routine Orders) for the camp and do filing and photocopying. I eat meals in the cookhouse. I can nap in the bunk, if the officers don’t need me. Compared to my regular job, this is easy and stress free,” said Yew Chow Keng, 35, as he prepared to embark on another stint of NS (National Service) duty at his unit, 302 SIR.

“I’m glad to go in for reservist in a few days. Work has been crazy and I definitely need the break,” the bespectacled soldier told New Nation as he prepared his duffle bag in the name of Honour, Duty and Country.

Insignificant as his duties may sound, Yew knows that these minute contributions to the nation add up. Because not everyone can be Rambo.

“If you bo hiu the small problems, they will become big problems. Like SMRT right? One cable tie, still can. When the whole railway lagi secured by cable tie, sure break down one right?”

“So if there is no RO, people won’t know who kenna guard duty.”

“If there is no RO, the soldiers will forget how to dress when they take their meals at the cookhouse.”

“If there is no RO, when soldiers march they won’t remember to bottoms up and stay hydrated before going for a run.”

“Then the whole army sure die jialat jialat!”

Yew, who is in PES C, shrugs, “but I’m glad only two weeks. After a while, even the chicken chop noodle at the cookhouse tastes like dog food.”

Run of the mill aunties at the market agreed that National Service played a crucial role in helping Singaporeans sleep well.

“At least I get an annual holiday from housework with the boys locked away in reservist,” said an elderly homemaker, Lao Zhar Bo. “For two weeks a year, I get peace and quiet at home when Ah Boy isn’t playing Diablo with his speakers on at 2am.”

What you think the army might be like 2: A dramatised shot of a soldier squinting through his rifle while aiming at an ant on the ground.

What you think the army might be like 2: A dramatised shot of a soldier squinting through his rifle and taking aiming at an ant on the ground.

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