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Ikea meatballs cause recalcitrant immigrants to breach sealed sinkhole

Posted on 08 March 2013

They defy new measures, risk life and limb by climbing back out of newly patched up Clementi sinkhole.

Clementi sinkhole - proof that what goes down, will go down again

Clementi sinkhole – proof that what goes down, will go down again

The sinkhole that was formed earlier this week at Clementi and subsequently filled in, has been breached once again.

It was reported yesterday that the PAP government is planning on patching up the majority of sinkholes around Singapore to lessen the number of portals for foreigners to enter and exit the country.

Sinkholes have traditionally facilitated the movement of immigrants who enter and exit Singapore on employment passes.

The sinkholes lead to a vast underground network where foreigners reside or depend on for their movement across national borders and the PAP has tapped this as a resource to drive Singapore’s economic growth the last several years.

But it appears that the newly-patched up sinkhole in Clementi has been breached this afternoon, as recalcitrant immigrants are enticed by Ikea’s $0.10 meatball offer on March 8 only.

Ikea’s special promotion comes after laboratory tests confirmed that their meatballs do not contain horse, unicorn or hippopotamus meat.

However, this has not deterred one immigrant, Chi Ruo Yuan, from re-entering Singapore via the sinkhole to get his hands on the meatball.

He said: “I’m slightly disappointed that the lab tests came back negative. I have exotic taste. But I guess beef and pork will do.”

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