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Farewell, SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

Posted on 05 March 2013

We bid you adieu and godspeed.

Mega trolling Facebook page, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) has called it a day.

In its last post dated Feb. 28, the anonymous administrators notorious for their politically-incorrect antics wrote: “This shall probably be our last post as we retire this page indefinitely. We hope our ‘contribution’ here has been of moral benefit to all of you.”


SMRT Ltd (Feedback), you will be missed.

We bid you adieu and godspeed.

Here we compile the greatest mega troll’s achievements in the last few months.

To their credit, they trolled Kenneth Jeyaretnam big time and managed to get Lee Hsien Loong to follow them on Twitter.

A pretty mean feat, given that one has a penchant for calling the police while the other happens to be LKY’s son.

SMRT (Ltd) Feedback has taught us to be introspective while living in a world that has increasingly lost its ability to laugh at itself.

They taught what it means to be concise, precise and clever.

And they taught us how to love our own myopic and cock-eyed view of race and its relations in Singapore.

#01 Giving Kenneth Jeyaretnam free publicity


And keeping up with it:


#02 Getting Lee Hsien Loong to follow them


#03 Induce the Singapore Police Force to spy on them


#04 Pick up chicks




#05 Provide timely, concise replies to queries


#06 Teach commuters to be grateful


#07 Teach us the power of knowledge


#08 Point out Freudian slips


#09 Giving it as good as it gets


#10 Putting us Chinese in our place


#11 Guide to being intentionally sexual


#12 Learn how to properly attribute blame


We only hope you guys can come back with a vengeance. That would be epic awesome.

But you were good while you lasted.

(That’s what she said.)

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