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Posted on 05 March 2013

How to draw Wreck-it-Ralph on your Samsung Galaxy Note II


Imagine drawing this on your smartphone.

A doodle by Picasso was sold for £250,000 in 2007. And that was only because buyers were able to locate the crayon drawing, scrawled on a wall when Picasso was drunk.

Today, with sketching tools readily available on your tablet or smartphone, locating random doodles will be a thing of the past, as will broken pencils and excessively decorated meeting notes. Drawing a caricature of the annoying co-worker in the cubicle next door has never been easier.

But rest assured. Us Apple whores at New Nation will not be the ones teaching you how to doodle professionally on your Samsung Galaxy Note II, which by most accounts, seems to be a much better gadget than the iPhone 5.

Bill schwab disney

“Even a computer-generated character like [Wreck-it Ralph], starts with a sketch,” said Bill Schwab, character designer at Walt Disney animation studios, in the video located on the top right hand corner of your screen.

But if you’re too lazy to sit through the whole 3 min video, here’s a quick rundown on how to make snazzy doodles without a smudge.

#1 Launch “Idea Sketch” in S-note


#2 Go to tools and select your drawing tool. Bill picks the “pencil” and begins drawing Ralph’s head, together with his other squarish features. 

#3 Bill draws spiky hair for Ralph. Because….. that’s Disney’s way of saying he’s a bad guy.


#4 Oh, if you use two fingers, you can actually zoom into the image. Does anyone smell apples?


#5 But what if you don’t have time to draw the whole thing from scratch? No worries! Grab a ready made image with “idea sketch”!


#6 Scrawl “Ralph” to get a pre-drawn image of him.


#7 Like so.


#8 Add a background if you’re bored. 

#9 Bricks? Of course, bricks are awesome.


#10 But wait, what about a logo to make the whole poster more legit? The Samsung Galaxy Note II enables instant lifting from the interwebs. Open multi-window.


#11 Go to the internet.



#12 Grab the logo off the Wreck-it Ralph website using easy clip.


#13 Lasso the logo, drop it off from clipboard.


#14 And what do you know, just like the real thing!


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None of us actually own Samsung phones.

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