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Boycott Jollibee Singapore plagued by too much success

Posted on 13 March 2013

Anti-foreigner Facebook page gets Singaporeans spreading the word around, until it got out of hand.

Anti-foreigner Facebook page, Boycott Jollibee Singapore, fanning the flames until things get out of hand.

Anti-foreigner Facebook page, Boycott Jollibee Singapore, fanning the flames until things got out of hand.

A bunch of nimcompoops with Internet access have created a Facebook page called “Boycott Jollibee Singapore” to target the recently opened Jollibee fastfood place at Lucky Plaza.

The aim is to get Singaporeans hyperventilating and then to boycott Jollibee, a fast food joint originally from the Philippines.

However, this move has proven to be too successful, as Singaporeans who visited the Facebook page say they will spread the word about the boycott.

Until things got out of hand

One Singaporean, Jiak Jin Juay, said he will pass the message to dissuade other Singaporeans from visiting Jollibee.

“I will tell everyone I know not to come here”, he said, “so that I can buy takeaway for them and provide other people who want to dine in with more space.”

His sentiment stems from the same source that is affecting another Singaporean, Jiak Min Kia, who reiterated her stance as to why she despises Jollibee.

“I hate this fast food”, she said, “because it keeps me coming back for more.”

Another Singaporean, Jin Ho Jiak, then said he would avoid the fastfood joint at all cost.

“I don’t want to come back here”, he said, “more than six times a week.”

Another run-of-the-mill Singaporean, Jiak Kah Luan, is determined that Jollibee fails.

“I hope they fail”, she said, “to stop being so awesome.”

The negative publicity has unwittingly become free advertising for Jollibee, with immense interest generated from the online hype and word-of-mouth marketing that is increasingly getting even more out of hand with each passing day.

A man, who claims to be the anonymous administrator behind the Boycott Jollibee Singapore Facebook page, wrote to New Nation to express his regret.

The man said: “I don’t know if I’m a success or failure. I actually succeeded at failing to get people to boycott Jollibee.”

He continued: “I should go back to having sex with animals.”

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  • Gelo Quebral

    I love Jollibee Chicken joy the same way I love Char kway teow…I love both Filipino and Singaporean dishes..I hope haters would stop.

  • EMobility

    I have tasted that chicken joy and I will not buy that food again as every bite I take it makes me feel I’m in a cloud nine, so much joy and delighted w/ the awesome taste of their gravy 😀

    • New Nation

      Your attempt at saying something funny sucks

  • uprs

    I hope they don’t hire PRC counter staff. I can’t do huayu with a German accent.

  • Ashley

    Jollibee food I the best for me! For the all people like at food at jollibee! I wan to tell u this if I don’t like the food so u jus don’t go thier is that a problem at u!

  • Ashley

    I mean for the people don’t like the food at jollibee jus don’t go it so easy wat!

  • emerszon

    that chicken is the best so far…

  • ProudToBePinoy75

    Mabuhay ang Jollibee. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

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  • oldbread

    Reading through the comments page…… kinda makes it hard not to understand why there’s a sudden increase in anger against pinoys…

  • yontabal mekaku

    hello pricks and haters ….every mrt station they should put one branch….

  • Divus Titus

    Jollibee has a potential big market in Singapore, in addition to Filipinos living and working in the island, there are about 700,000 Filipino tourists visiting in Singapore every year. Filipinos are the 6th largest market for Singapore Tourism.

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