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What the PAP giveth, the PAP taketh away

Posted on 14 February 2013

Because like the biblical god, they are the almighty that runs every aspect of your negligible lives.

Here are some very basic facts you need to know about childcare and the PAP’s role in it:

Headline of the day: Childcare market is expected to grow in Singapore


Important fact #1: PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is Singapore’s largest pre-school operator: They run 238 kindergartens and 105 childcare centres

That’s 343 kiddy hangouts in total.

Important fact #2: There are 1,009 childcare centres and about 500 kindergartens in total on this island.

That’s about 1,500 kiddy hangouts in total.

Therefore, the first conclusion we can draw: PAP Community Foundation runs 20 percent of kiddy hangouts in Singapore. While the rest (we assume) are private operators.

(Source: Shift from kindergarten to ‘kindercare’, ST Feb. 13, 2013)

So, we continue…

Important fact #3: Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing announced two weeks ago saying that up to two-thirds of all households in Singapore will benefit from the latest round of childcare subsidies.

Important fact #4: Government expenditure in this area of subsidies will bring the total government spending to about S$360 million.

Therefore, the second conclusion we can draw: Assuming this $360 million subsidy is evenly distributed…

…this means 20 percent of the $360 million is channelled into the PAP Community Foundation?

That’s $72 million.

This means that the Government gives out subsidies and part of that money goes back to the PCF?

How we think PAP feels about their role in all this:

What the PAP giveth, the PAP taketh away

What the PAP giveth, the PAP taketh away

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  • Sanjay Mathew

    K…so what’s the problem? PCF is a childcare provider, the subsidy is for childcare providers so PCF gets the childcare subsidy. What’s the alternative, not giving them the subsidy and penalising 20% of kids? This is like arguing that X% of childcare facilities in Singapore are run by churches/mosques/temples and so X% of public money is being used to fund religious organisations ZOMG!!111!!!oneone!!

    This, alas, isn’t even good satire. Humour FAIL

  • Boon Peng

    Hi Sanjay, you said “K” and acknowledged pap to be a merciful God. Not that i have a problem with that, Lawrence Khong may, but isn’t it funny – that you’re not offended and some others might be? Your reaction is kinda ironic and funny too hhahaaha…

  • Timothy Lai

    You forgot their cousin “First Campus” run by NTUC leh