The most disturbing story in Singapore’s history…

Posted on 16 February 2013

…that was NOT reported by any local media. Why?

This is Shane Todd.

Shane Todd in 2011. Photo stolen from Financial Times, courtesy of his family.

Shane Todd in 2011. Photo stolen from Financial Times, courtesy of his family.

He WAS a young American engineer, who was worried about a project he worked on for China’s Huawei while employed with a Singapore agency, because what he was doing might compromise US national security.

He was subsequently found dead — hanging in his house toilet — right before he was due to return to the U.S. for a new job.

This is his home in the Chinatown district. (Anyone recognise this area?)


And this happened in late June 2012.

Ask yourself: Did you hear anything about this case mentioned in the local media?

No? So, why not then?

After his death, the Singapore Police have been insisting that Shane committed suicide. But his parents suspect murder.

Now, the Financial Times has brought to light numerous mindblowing leads that put the Singapore Police and even A*Star (Agency for Science, Technology and Advance Research), Shane’s employer, in a very bad light.

You have to read the original news report to fully appreciate the powers of world-class investigative journalism at its finest:

Do spread the word about this case. This is not Hollywood. This is real. It shall not be put to rest.

P.S. Straits Times, read this and weep.

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  • Newsman

    Yahoo SG is on it.

    • fakeasfuck

      this story is lies

  • Andrew Chen

    Where Huawei is involved (Telecommunications company run by the Chinese PLA), one can expect cloak and dagger. This story doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    • fakeasfuck

      this is bullshit lies it didn’t even make sense

    • fakeasfuck

      you are stupid to believe lies

  • Curiouser

    That house is at corner of Everton Rd and Spottiswoode Park Rd, house no. 56.

    • fakeasfuck

      this is lies

  • fakeasfuck

    the killers leaves a hard drive with the company name ?
    why the hard drive never taken out by police or any criminologist?
    mary found the hard drive

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