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S’poreans standing as one to support Ng Boon Gay

Posted on 15 February 2013

“No one should ever go through what he went through.”

Boon Gay should be gay (as in happy) about the verdict

Boon Gay should be gay (as in happy) about the verdict

Singaporeans from all walks of life, race and religion have come forward to offer their support and encouragement to Ng Boon Gay, the ex-CNB chief who was acquitted on Valentine’s Day (of all days) of all charges of sexual corruption levelled against him.

New Nation interviewed more than 700 run-of-the-mill Singaporeans on the street and found that their reaction to Boon Gay is one of sympathy, empathy and telepathy.

All said that they feel for Boon Gay because he is nothing but an innocent man who had his world turned upside down by overzealous investigators due to false allegations that he is corrupted.

President of men’s rights group, AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction), Akshun Bayday, said: “If Ng Boon Gay was a woman, everybody will be crying father crying mother by now that this is a gross violation of women’s rights, putting a woman and her chastity – or lack of – on public display in court and in the newspapers.”

“But as he is nothing but a straight man, I guess we were all thinking he was fair game. And how fair is that?”

Another true-blue Singaporean who felt for Boon Gay, Wu Ku De, said: “No one should ever go through what he went through. I cannot imagine how he made it through this year’s Chinese New Year visitations from relatives.”

Moreover, many unanswered questions linger over this case, marking a low point for CPIB that carried out the investigations.

The top 5 questions Singaporeans want answered about this case are:

1. Who was the anonymous whistle-blower in this case and will he/ she be punished for this false lead?

2. Why isn’t there a timeline showing how this case went from being uncovered to being investigated?

3. What recourse does Ng Boon Gay have now that he is found to be as innocent as an Easter Bunny?

4. Were the authorities overzealous in uncovering potential corruption?

5. How much of taxpayers’ money was wasted on this case? This case is like spending a lot of money to buy Toto Quick Pick and not winning anything.

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