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SingTel screws a man’s life over

Posted on 26 February 2013

“SingTel complained about my posts to the higher-ups, and I am no longer allowed to work at that agency.”

Check out the ratio of people who hate SingTel vs people who love SingTel (even then...)

Looks like more people hate SingTel than love SingTel. (Duh…)

Ok so, there is this dude who is known as Lynx Ng on Facebook. He is a freelancer in the advertising industry.

He just posted a lengthy note titled “The SingTel Sabotage“.

Basically, he admits that he has been making a lot of complaints on the SingTel Facebook page the past year regarding the telco’s crappy service.

And then what happened next is unexpected: SingTel complained about his Facebook complaints to his professional work higher-ups. And he is no longer allowed to work at that agency.


In other words, he got fired for complaining about SingTel’s well-known piss poor service.

And SingTel is actually going around snooping on their customers who make complaints.

And bite them back in the ass by complaining to their work superiors.

But there’s a slight twist: The agency Lynx Ng worked at began servicing SingTel as a client. After he got kicked out.


Regardless, what SingTel did is highly unethical.

And there is no recourse for someone in Singapore who is working as a freelancer and who lost his job under such dubious circumstances. All because he complained about shitty telco service.

Lynx Lee goes on to raise some important questions about consumer protection:
“When you don’t pay 100% of your bill they can cut your line and make you pay hefty penalties. Yet when they give you poor reception you still have to pay 100% of your phone bill.”

And he also has some advice for the public:
“Be careful what you write on Facebook. If you must comment on SingTel’s horrid service, do it anonymously to protect yourself. Help me share this to warn your friends about how SingTel conducts its business against its customers. Thank you.”

This is injustice. Period.

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