Chinese people missing from Orchard Road

Posted on 10 February 2013

By Our Malay Correspondent

Stock picture of orchard road

Stock picture of orchard road

It was a Saturday yesterday yet Orchard Road seemed to be virtually a ghost town.

Noticably, ethnic Chinese people were hardly present from the streets of Singapore’s prime shopping district. Most of the shops were closed and the carparks, where it is usually impossible to find a parking lot, were surprisingly empty.

“It’s as if the world stopped.” said Mohamed Lepakwan bin Kona, an unemployed 24 year-old who with his group of friends, thinking of ways to spend their weekend.

Others had different thoughts about the situation.

Maria Katulong, a 26 year-old domestic worker claims this phenomenon might be the start of a zombie apocalypse.

“It seems like there is a flu that only affects a certain group of the population. Maybe that’s why they chose to stay in their homes instead of shopping.”

However, as of right now, no zombies have been reported…yet.

An exception to the case is shopping centre Lucky Plaza, where business seemed to carry on as usual.

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