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Quality of PAP rally chicken rice dropping, say aunties, uncles

Posted on 24 January 2013

Hor fun also short of wok hei.

The infamous auntie-uncle brigade who get chauffeured to PAP rallies in chartered buses to make up the numbers have come forward to make a startling revelation: The quality of PAP supplied chicken rice and hor fun to draw them in have been dropping.

In a secret interview with New Nation, one dozen of the aunties and uncles — speaking under the condition of anonymity — claim that the quality of chicken rice has been falling.

PAP chicken rice. They only supply white chicken. Wonder why...

PAP chicken rice. They only supply white chicken. Wonder why…

“As you can see, the chicken is overcooked and the skin is not succulent one. Like that dry-dry, how to eat? No soup some more and they die die also only want to serve white chicken…”

Another said: “Some more now the hor fun they order also no wok hei. Like that how to attract people to rally. You see for yourself…”

Photo stolen from theonlinecitizen.

Last PAP rally one day before cooling off day. Photo stolen from theonlinecitizen.

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