PAP regrets not whitewashing HDB flats before by-election

Posted on 30 January 2013

Blue HDB flats beside Rivervale Plaza subliminally influenced voters to choose Workers’ Party.

Painted in Workers’ Party blue, several blocks of HDB flats beside the bomb site that is Rivervale Plaza is believed to have caused residents to become subliminally influenced enough to vote for Workers’ Party’s in the recent Punggol East by-election on Jan. 26.

Workers' Party blue flats (left) and the bomb site Rivervale Plaza (right.)

Workers’ Party blue flats (left) and the bomb site Rivervale Plaza (right.)

HDB flats painted in Workers' Party blue.

HDB flats painted in Workers’ Party blue.

One psychiatrist that New Nation interviewed, said the bomb site that is Rivervale Plaza and the blue colour of the HDB flats caused voters to be reminded of their sorrow and an impending solution at the same time, resulting in them taking affirmative action towards a solution.

Tao Nao Pai, a psychiatrist, said: “People are very easily influenced by colours. You see, people who wear white are definitely pure, uncorrupted and virginal.”

“Then again, there’s Michael Palmer.”

A PAP branch activist, who refused to be named, said there was regret all around when they realised what the blue HDB flats had done: “PAP should have demanded HDB to repaint all those flats before the by-election. It is called whitewashing, for a reason.”

A directive has been issued to HDB after the Jan. 26 by-election.

It is understood that HDB has since been barred from using shades of blue that is similar to Workers’ Party blue from now to paint flats.

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  • ec

    That’s definitely true. I live in one of those blue blocks that was previously painted beautiful shades of light brown with navy blue as its secondary color. One of the first things that Palmer when he got elected was to repaint these blocks pale green/blue while the light brown coat of painting was even fresh. Many of my neighbours did not like the change and neither were we consulted on this. As puzzling and superficial as it may sound, this was indeed one of the reasons why many of the votes went against him.

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