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Do voter polls the ST way

Posted on 10 January 2013

Another case of sample population FAIL

Page 9 of today’s ST purported to give an insightful look at the Punggol East SMC battleground.

The headline screamed: “Younger, more middle-class demographic”, which is politi-speak, means “more likely to vote against the PAP”.

Yet at the right column was an innocuous section titled: “ST poll: More rooting for PAP”.

Combined with the main headline, this was supposed to give the impression that despite a younger voting population, the PAP is going to win anyway. Because the PAP is awesome. And can get to the bottom of any matter. Big, or small.

Except that when you look closer, the average age of the people quoted in the spread was 57. And though the nation-building paper claimed to have polled 50 Punggol East residents in total, the youngest person quoted in the poll was a spritely 49.

Which gives the impression that the four hardworking journalists pounding the SMC grounds in search of proper on-ground opinions….

were simply not doing their job.

Because according to their own profile of the SMC, only 24% of the population are aged 50 and above.

And a biased sample size does not make for accurate voter polls.

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