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SMRT to replace bus drivers with NSFs

Posted on 06 December 2012

Public Transport Force to be fully functional by end of 2013

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SMRT will be replacing all its foreign bus drivers with NSFs in one year’s time. The transport operator’s announcement comes at a time when it is still dealing with the aftermath of an illegal strike by its bus drivers from China.

Conscripts will be enlisted into the newly formed Public Transport Force (PTF) for further training in bus and train operations after they Basic Military Training (BMT). Existing NSmen who work as public transport operators will be transferred to the PTF, and will be given the rank Public Transport Instructors (PTI — not to be confused with the sadistically fit exercise instructors) during ICT.

SMRT says that the PTF will be fully operational at the end of next year.

“Public transport has become a matter of national security,” said SMRT CEO Desmond Kwek who is a retired lieutenant-general. “We cannot let Chinese striking workers threaten to stall our operations anymore. The whole of Singapore will come to a crashing halt if our public transport doesn’t work. Then we will enter a recession. Then there will be war.”

SMRT’s bus division has been making losses for years, even as the company continues to enjoy an increase in revenue. The transport operator’s net profit weighed in at S$33.33 million for the quarter ending September 30.

“NSFs work for less money and so will help boost our bottom line,” said Colonel Gerard Koh, who is reportedly poised to be the director of human resources at SMRT next month. “Besides being a matter of patriotic duty, driving buses will help NSFs gain relevant life skills applicable in the real world when they ORD.”

Enlistees in the PTF will begin their day at 4am with morning PT before enjoying a quick breakfast of either Nasi Lemak or Char Bee Hoon at 5am and then starting their first shift at 6am. This will help them get situational experience for work in the banking or auditing sector.

They will also be housed in the cramped dormitories in Serangoon once the foreign workers have vacated the location, together with other enlistees they may not like. This will help them prepare for married life in an HDB flat.

“Happy, abor happy lah!” said Chao Ree Krude, who will be enlisting next year. “Stay in Serangoon means I can hong more girls and eat better food. Driving bus means I can talk to normal people. Anything is better than staying in camp and polishing guns.”

Sources say Jack Neo’s next movie, Ah Boys to Men II, will feature the struggles of the enlistees in the PTF as they transit to adulthood.

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