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PAP is a business genius

Posted on 25 December 2012

Business analysts heap praise on PAP’s pro-business logic.

The People’s Action Party has been singled out for praise by business analysts interviewed by New Nation.

Business analysts are applauding the PAP Town Councils’ early 2011 sale of the computer Town Council Management System (TCMS) to a $2 software company called Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM) that is also owned by PAP, saying that a visible track record is not necessary if the company is obviously run by three very old men.

The three men, in suits and ties, who own AIM are:

The guy on the left is Chandra Das for sure, the other two… erm ya.

Zho Seng Li, a business analyst with a Very Big Bank, said: “It is obvious that you can trust old men in suits and ties to do a good job. Who needs software credentials on paper or on a website if you’re wearing decent clothing?”

Another business dealer also said it is good to have business dealings with yourself so that operations are not exposed to other pesky stakeholders.

Gong Jiao Wei, an economist with Ivy League Qualifications, said: “It is always good to do business with yourself. Why would you trust anyone else other than your own people?”

AIM, the PAP-owned company, also displayed exemplary behaviour by not being beholden to any clients for profits.

Which explains why they can cut off usage of the computer system without rhyme or reason to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, which is owned by the Workers’ Party since GE2011.

Last but not least, as AIM is also expected to support the computer system technically and continue with software enhancements even though it is a shell company with no actual working software and support engineers, it is sending a signal that it is a company that will be remain profitable because they do not need to pay wages to anyone else.

No labour is always better than cheap labour, as the rich man’s business acumen goes.

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