Baey Yam Keng (sort of) finally quits job to be full-time MP

Posted on 11 December 2012

“About f**king time”, says angry taxpayers.

Workers’ Party Chen Show Mao must be thinking: “Haha noob”

Baey Yam Keng — the most meterosexual man in parliament — has finally left his cushy post as managing director at public relations firm, Hill and Knowlton.

Albeit still hanging on as a senior adviser of the company but with less working hours. (So did he really quit? Whatever right? Since The Straits Times unquestioningly said he did, he must have. Always read the fine print!)

And his reason given for finally devoting more time to becoming a full-time MP for Tampines GRC?

Well, constituents in 2012 are actually a lot more difficult to help compared to 2006 when Baey was first elected to the backbencher throne.

Baey said: “Now, there are a lot more avenues for residents to raise issues and I have to act more promptly in responding”. (Editor’s note: This is a real quote from ST. We didn’t make this shit up.)

This also most likely means that constituents in 2006 were suffering in silence because the feedback channels weren’t as many or effective as now and MPs could just walk around thinking they got a handle on things.

Now, angry taxpayers are responding harshly to this delay in PAP MPs turning full-time.

Jiak Liao Bee, a Tampines resident said: “Look at Chen Show Mao! Last year quit his job already! Why so lagging one, this PAP?”

Another resident said: “So does it mean last term Baey Yam Keng work part-time MP get full-time pay is a bit quite chao keng?”

PAP ministers have in the past opposed the idea when opposition parties promised full-time MPs.

Ex-deputy prime minister Wong Kan Seng warned in 2006 that full-time MPs are a bad idea as they would “lose contact with people in business, lose contact with foreigners who come to Singapore.”

Obviously, none of us need to take Wong Kan Seng seriously because he has since effectively disappeared from the limelight after GE2011.

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