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S’pore at a loss about what to do with Chinese drivers

Posted on 28 November 2012

The action taken by 102 SMRT Chinese bus drivers leave her baffled.

What’s the difference between a strike and standing around when doing either can get you arrested?

Singapore is at a loss about what to do with the 102 SMRT Chinese bus drivers who woke up one Monday morning and decided that the wheels of the bus won’t be going round and round.

A Ministry of Manpower spokeswoman, Jiak Liao Bee, said: “We are still quite confused because we don’t know what this situation is. At this moment we are still wondering if this is a strike, protest, tea party or fellowship.”

She continued: “Looks like we have to settle this and pick a name the same way we proceed with policy-making when we get stuck: Through a coin toss.”

Various unions — which mysteriously popped up during the last Presidential Election in 2011 — that New Nation spoke to, said they can’t quite put a finger on what is happening as well.

One union leader, who isn’t quite sure who he represents, said: “I have never seen anything quite like this before because there never was a case where Singaporeans woke up one morning, and decide they won’t work so as to negotiate for better conditions.”

But the situation doesn’t end there.

A SMRT spokesman said: “If they don’t work, we can’t have the drivers arrested. If we do, then who will drive the buses? Warren Fernandez? Furthermore, everyone wants to be a taxi driver these days. Except Tony Tan.”

In Singapore, taxi drivers earn an average of $7,000 a month. So they don’t have to protest or strike. And they can wear sunglasses, drive around and look damn satki.

Hate your job? Your boss is an asshole? Your hours are too long? Your colleagues not sexy enough? Lunch hour too short? Not enough Lady Iron Chef-endorsed good food around your work place?

Why not consider going on strike?

Fill up this form if you want to go on strike. Inform your employer 14 days in advance of your intention not to work. Good luck! Tan Chuan-Jin might just address you directly over Facebook!

Official strike form.

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