Tossing replicas of ERP gantry into sea incurs LTA’s wrath

Posted on 30 October 2012

LTA responds by increasing ERP rates by up to $5 from Nov. 5.

Red Bull Flugtag, where gravity always wins.

It appears that the Land Transport Authority is not one to take jokes lightly.

They are turning the joke on the general population as they have announced that ERP rates will go up by $5.

This is in response to this past Sunday’s Red Bull Flugtag at Siloso Beach, where a team of participants built ERP gantries to throw into the sea, in front of a 30,000-strong cheering crowd.

The Red Bull Flugtag is an event known around the world for showcasing the effects of gravity on non-flying objects.

However, an LTA spokesperson did not confirm or deny that there is a link between the increase in ERP rates and the tossing of ERP gantries into the sea.

The LTA spokesperson only told New Nation: “It is disrespectful to dismiss lightly ERP gantries, which along with our president and the Merlion, are meritocratic symbols of our Republic.”

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