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One of Cecilia Sue’s bodyguards identified

Posted on 06 October 2012

He is King Kong Mamat, a part-time actor and professional mascot costume artist.

Internet speculation has been rife recently as Interwebers are curious to find out the identity of the seven bodyguards tasked to ensure that sex-for-contracts superstar witness Cecilia Sue goes in and out of the court room in one piece.

King Kong Mamat in action. Roar.

So far, one of them has been tracked down on Facebook and identified as Lerome Mamat.

So how did he end up providing special preferential treatment to one of the most talked about women in Singapore?

Mamat said over the phone: “Cecilia Sue approached me outside of Bedok camp after I finished my IPPT Remedial Training one evening. She said I was the right size and hired me on the spot.”

Mamat also said he is affectionately known as King Kong Mamat to his friends and insists he is a genuinely nice guy.

His hobbies include eating Happy Meals and doing yoga — only the savasana pose.

In his younger days, when he still had a chin, he spotted a goatee.

“Everybody think I am Malay, but I’m not. I just like to confuse them,” he said as he tucked into his third Happy Meal over the course of the 10-minute phone interview.

So is he a Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) officer that everyone says he is?

“I like that how to be officer? Hahahahahaha!” King Kong said, with a guffaw as he started on his fourth Happy Meal.

He confessed that he was turned down during auditions when he wanted to play King Kong in Phua Chu Kang in the 1990s.

To still be able to get a shot at showbiz, he said he decided to don the Kung Fu Panda mascot costume at a local theme park that is overpriced and too small.

But he sure doesn’t need it now because he is all over the newspapers.

King Kong also said all the six male bodyguards have been doing their jobs very professionally. Except for the seventh female bodyguard. She tried to cop a cheap feel.

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    How did she managed to pay them?

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    “His hobbies include eating Happy Meals and doing yoga — only the savasana pose.”