National Service necessary to protect foreigners

Posted on 24 October 2012

Non-locals need Singaporeans to hold the fort because they can’t.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong paid tribute on Monday to 900,000 Singaporean men who have donned a uniform to serve in the military, civil defence or police force.

Almost heartfelt but not really, Our Dear Leader’s recognition of the efforts of male Singaporeans was actually to announce that the Government is dangling $100 million worth of vouchers and free NSmen club memberships. Each serviceman will get $50 to $100 worth of vouchers.

Why the sudden reward, no one knows.

Because most of it, nevertheless, will come to nothing as no one bothers or knows what to do with them vouchers since it is not liquid cash.

PM Lee also said that National Service is part of the Singapore identity. He believes this will help unite Singaporeans.

I mean, sure, this undoubtedly leaves Singaporeans feeling sympathetic for foreigners. Who are able to come to Singapore to buy property, such as condominiums.

And live a sheltered life, excluded from serving NS — which involves rolling in the mud, wearing leaves and eating combat ration.

How horrible it is that foreigners have to suffer such fate and be left out.

One Singaporean patriot, Hen Ai Guo, who completed his NS stint, plus seven high-key and three low-key reservist obligations and stays in a three-room flat, said: “Singapore requires Singaporeans to serve National Service because foreigners can’t. Because if we don’t protect the country, foreigners cannot buy condominiums at sky high prices. And rent them out for profit.”

“This helps to keep property prices stable, as our government believes.”

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