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Xi Jinping found dead on Diaoyu Islands

Posted on 13 September 2012

Image from AP

China’s next-in-line, Xi Jinping, was found dead by the Japanese coast guard on the disputed Diaoyu Islands Thursday night. His death puts to rest the speculation that the 59-year-old’s disappearance from the public eye was due to a heart attack.

According to Japanese sources, Xi died in a fatal case of food poisoning, following a meal of fugu sushi prepared on a top-secret six michelin star restaurant on the islands, known in Japan as the Senkaku islands. Autopsy reports were not released but the same sources say that it was not improperly prepared fugu, but the dollops of mouldy wasabi that led to Xi’s acute diarrhoea.

Due to the recent territorial disputes in the East China Sea, Japanese doctors on the islands refused to treat Xi’s diarrhoea and vomiting, fearing a public backlash from patriotic activists at home who insist that the islands, currently administered by Tokyo, belong to the land of the rising sun.

Neither did the Chinese communist party send medical aid to Xi, fearing that a media leak so close to the leadership transition would damage the invincibility of the party, and of Xi himself who is expected to present an image of strength.

The Chinese state media remains tight-lipped about the death. An editorial in the state-run China Daily claimed that Xi was in good health and simply had no time for “trivial” media appearances while Tong Zhi, the manager of the “See Red” forum, which promotes neo-communism, dismissed reports of the death as attempts by the foreign media to stir controversy ahead of the leadership transition.

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  • aroundtheworld

    Not accurate, we ve heard nothing in Japan. Although I won’t be the one to be sad if the news is to be true..