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Wisdom Capital’s Technical Analysis Program

Posted on 24 September 2012

“Throw a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Sam Goh (profile here) is the founder and executive wealth coach at Wisdom Capital, a wealth coaching firm that specialises in premier and financial wealth coaching. Sam speaks regularly at financial planning events in Singapore and Malaysia. He has more than six years of accumulated experience in equity investments and research. He was featured in the Sunday Times “me & my money” section in 2010, has also been quoted by The Business Times (Citibank Young Investor’s Forum) for his expertise in stock investing and is a contributing writer for financial publications like Shares Investment and Biz Daily.

Sam is conducting a technical analysis program which consists of a two-day workshop and five one-on-one follow up handheld sessions to help you execute your own trades.

Details of the workshop:

Conducted over two full days: (10am to 6pm) & (10am to 8pm)

Minimum class size: 10

Maximum Class size: 20

Customised for your individual needs

Refreshments and lunch will be provided


The two-day workshop will cover:

Getting the Basics Right

Introduction to Technical Analysis
Basic Candlestick Patterns
Art of Buying & Selling
Basic Technical Analysis
Basic Trend Trading (Breakout Patterns)

Essence of Sniper Trading

Economic Indicators Explained
Mastering the Art and Science of Sniper Trading
Trend Trading Based on Economic News
Macroeconomics Research
3 Trades Rule
Market Monitoring


Fibonacci Basics
Elliot Wave
Wisdom Technical Differentiation Factor Trade

Psychology of Trading

Behavioural Finance
Trade Discipline
Trade Positioning & Sizing
Risk Management
Precise Entry & Exit Utilisation

Practical Gearing

Demo Trading
Trade Plan
Advanced Trade Strategies
Trading Checklist
Market Analysis

Asset Class: Forex

And comes with the following bonuses:

Free 1 Year Wisdom Capital Wealth Creation Membership

Full Rebates and sharp discount to SIAS A-Z Investing Series

Discussion Forum

Unlimited additional handheld sessions at no cost

Monthly Forex Gathering Discussion

Three Free Talks on Wealth Creation and Investment Strategies

Drop Sam an email for more details

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I started investing with no knowledge and I merely followed the trends. Finally in June last year (2009), I decided to acquire more knowledge through this program so I could invest with understanding. Starting with an initial capital of $30K, today my overall investment portfolio is valued at $65K. That is a whopping unrealized profit of $35K!!! Many many thanks to Sam! I am very glad that I had made a RIGHT decision in following Sam’s three golden rules and his TSCTM Model. Thanks again Sam!

Lim Chin Peng, 28, IT Analyst


I had the pleasure in a personal capacity to ask Sam for his advice and insights into the markets and despite his young age am highly impressed by his depth of knowledge and accuracy! His advice was instrumental in me making a small tidy profit so great thanks to him.

Ronald Tay, Talent & Leadership Head at UBS APAC


One of the most valuable things I gained from Sam (my mentor) is to know when to exit the market by following his three golden rules. In the past, I kept holding on to stocks in hope to see a huge profit. Even if there was already a huge loss I would still hold on hoping that it would rise eventually. Sam’s methodology and his TSCTM model from the Wisdom Millionaire Financial ProgramTM works for me. To date, I made about $23,000! I said “about” because some of these investments are still running. That is around 80% gain in my OCBC account and 46% gain in my Saxo account. I’m sharing this not to boast but to show you what Sam and his TSCTM model has made possible for me. I wish you success in your investment!

Daphne Tan Wei Ting, 36, Senior HR Consultant

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