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Top 10 tricks used to relieve oneself on theory of evolution

Posted on 30 September 2012

All found in one letter published by Today newspaper.

Singaporeans are never known to engage actively in the debate pitting evolution against creationism. Because this debate does not figure anywhere in our national narrative as all history in this country either began in 1819 or 1965.

But when the debate does come to town, the result is a piss poor attempt at advancing the argument.

Two days ago, Today newspaper published a letter in response to a rare article about the theory of evolution.

The letter writer is either trolling, stupid or drunk. And the editors at Today obviously don’t care or are blatantly trying to start a fight.

Regardless, that one letter contained all the hackneyed counterarguments against the theory of evolution, which very appropriately serves as a case study on how NOT to argue against the theory of evolution.

And if you really enjoy laughing at the Americans and how stupid they are when it comes to unscientific thinking, this shit below should crack you up.



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