Sex-for-favours case: Top 3 Greatest Awww Shucks Moments…

Posted on 28 September 2012

…if they ever happen.

Hmmm… DIY.

“Do you DIY?”Whatsapp message sent by 36-year-old MILF, Cecilia Sue to 46-year-old Ng Boon Gay.

Well, I mean, seriously?

If this current sex-for-favours case taught everyone one thing, it is that consenting, mature, middle-aged adults suck ass at sexting. This type of flirting is as stiff as arthritic bones.

And if it taught us two things, the second would be that we cannot trust adults to tell the truth, as a lot of them are self-interested, conniving bastards. Which explains why there are more twists and turns unravelling in the plot in court than a goddamn pretzel.

And believe you me, all of us can bet our last dollar that it will go down the wire. Someone will pull something completely unexpected out of their ass that will blow our collective minds away.

So, imagine: What three finale moments will make this case truly, royally unforgettable?

Before that happens, we look forward in time and plucked out the Top 3 Greatest Awww Shucks Moments — if they do come to pass — that will rattle you to your core.

*Drum roll please…*


1. Somewhere down the line during one of the court hearings, it is revealed that Cecilia Sue’s two-year-old daughter is in fact Ng Boon Gay’s.

How people too dull to even see this coming feel:

Aww Shucks level: Ooooooooh…

2. Nearing the end of the trial, the prosecutor does an about turn. He decides to drop all charges against Ng Boon Gay.

How Ng Boon Gay feels:

Awww Shucks level: Too freaking high… after all that shit.

3. When the case comes to a close, Channel 5 runs a 15-second spot on all free-to-air TV channels announcing that this whole case was actually a fictional promotional trailer for their new season of the law-drama-comedy, The Pupil. Ng Boon Gay and Cecilia Sue are crossover stars.

How everyone feels:

Awww Shucks level: I don’t even… *Vomit milk*

*If any of these GIFs don’t load properly, it’s because you didn’t DIY enough.

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    Gee, new nation. What’s with the clips? It makes your articles look tacky. Just saying. Funny otherwise. Keep up the good work but spare the clips that one only spots on porno or cheap sites.

  • Minghui Kuok

    In the event of answer three, I’ll end up foaming. Worst come to worst, I’ll need an emergency CT scan to ensure my well being.