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Profile: Sam Goh, Wealth Coach

Posted on 24 September 2012

I hope to empower retail investors with financial literacy. That’s why I started Wisdom Capital in 2009.



Sam Goh is the founder and executive wealth coach at Wisdom Capital, a wealth coaching firm that specialises in premier and financial wealth coaching. Sam speaks regularly at financial planning events in Singapore and Malaysia.

He is the youngest Investor Education Trainer to be appointed by The Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) to conduct financial related seminars to its members. In 2006, Sam won the Money Sensible Youth Excellence Award organised by the national financial literacy MoneySense programme and is currently the Money Sensible Youth Ambassador under the Money sense program initiated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He also serves as the Lead Trainer for AKPK (an organisation that promotes financial literacy under the central bank of Malaysia), and was accredited as the youngest external consultant ever to be appointed by EPF (Malaysia’s equivalent of CPF) to advise on retirement related matters in 2011.

Sam began his journey to be financially independent while pursuing his diploma in accounting and finance at Temasek Polytechnic. A strong believer in financial literacy, he was badly burnt when he traded his first stock without prior knowledge of investing, or knowledge of the company. He then spent half a year mastering his financial knowledge and went back into the stock market, luckily catching a bull run. Later on, he began trading in the forex market and suffered massively from playing in the leveraged market.

But through the ups and downs in this journey, Sam has managed to grow his starting capital of $10,000 to a portfolio worth $400,000 during the global financial crisis in 2008. For example, he made about $86,000 after purchasing Osim shares at 9.5 cents, and selling them when they hit 45 cents and then 55 cents per share. He also made about $60,000 from Golden Agri shares in 2008, purchasing them at 28 cents and selling them at an average of 58 cents apiece.

The 24-year-old currently sits on a diversified portfolio, with only 20% dedicated to trading. The other 80% sits in long term investments including a HUDC flat in East Coast. He is overweight in gold and silver and underweight on equities due to the uncertainty in the global financial markets.

Sam has more than six years of accumulated experience in equity investments and research. He was featured in the Sunday Times “me & my money” section in 2010, has also been quoted by The Business Times (Citibank Young Investor’s Forum) for his expertise in stock investing and is a contributing writer for financial publications like Shares Investment and Biz Daily.

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