News of Xiaxue’s pregnancy overshadowed, S’poreans distraught

Posted on 22 September 2012

Ministry of Home Affairs and Archbishop Nicholas Chia to blame.

News of Xiaxue’s pregnancy has been overshadowed by petty politicking.

Singaporeans from all walks of life are crying foul.

They are upset that the recent extensive media coverage given to the spat started by Archbishop Nicholas Chia and the Ministry of Home Affairs is at the exclusion of news that leading woman’s rights figure, Xiaxue, is pregnant.

And this consequence, to some, is dire.

One Singaporean woman in her 30s, who wanted to be known as Boh Tao Nao, said: “I’m curious to find out if someone who has plastic surgery done to sharpen her nose will pass on that physical trait to her baby, but I cannot, because no one in the media has interviewed a leading geneticist for the answer?”

Upset that Singapore’s focus is all wrong, another woman in her late 20s, Gong Dai Dai said: “The MHA should re-look its priorities. Doesn’t the ‘Home’ in Ministry of Home Affairs stand for ‘Domestic’? Why the lack of coverage of Xiaxue’s domestication then?”

One of Xiaxue’s unofficial fan club, Fanatical Xiaxue Crusaders, Kakis (FXCK), has been lobbying the media to change its stance. They want the media spotlight to veer towards real news instead of what the head of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Nicholas Chia, did not do or say, because until early this week, no one knew or cared who he is.

However, there have been some others who are taking this opportunity to decry the twin terror of excesses in society today — politics and religion.

Zhou Gong Tao, one of those who views politics and religion as the cause of all problems and shopping and eating as the panacea, said: “It is without a doubt that the excesses of religion and politics have shown their true colours and Singapore is being threatened by them.”

Therefore, a more reasoned approach has to be proposed to resolve all problems today.

“We all know what to do to solve the problem. MHA ought to abolish religion. And then MHA should fold and call it a day after that,” Zhou said.

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    And the funny thing is that not every ignorant folks are from US. I’ll truly vomit blood though if there’s truly someone like Zhou Gong Tao. In addition, someone should just set down the orders to ban every popular media. The only catch? Global economy will crash for good as the result.

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