CNA disinvites political bloggers from PM television forum

Posted on 04 September 2012

However, they react with indifference, citing “not important enough to get mad” as reason.

PM Lee engaging bloggers and some other people who doodle on his Facebook wall.

Two weeks ago, all hell broke loose in Singapore after some food bloggers were disinvited from Dîner en Blanc, a chi chi outdoor secret picnic originally conceived by cheese-eating surrender monkeys that was brought to our shores for the first time.

Bloggers who were cut from the invite list reacted with fury, calling for death and boycott of the event — but to no avail, because the event eventually went ahead without much incident.

And history appears to be repeating itself now, but with a twist.

This week, several other bloggers from the political blogging fraternity were told that they were disinvited to a Channel News Asia television forum starring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, even though invites and attendance were firmed up weeks earlier.

No one, however, batted an eyelid. Or tried to get mad about being dropped.

According to a post by Ravi Philemon, a blogger who writes about politics and democracy and stuff and who lives like a legend, the apparent reason given by producers of CNA for rescinding the invitation to the political bloggers was that PM Lee had met enough bloggers and engaged in enough verbal intercourse with them already.

And therefore, the prime minister has accumulated enough XP (experience points) and he is on his quest for other XP to progress further in his role-playing game as the ruler of Singapore.

Although this explanation has gone down well with some, others have speculated that political bloggers don’t give two hoots or are very cool about being dumped, on their heads or otherwise, because they have always been mentally prepared to deal with setbacks in life. Such as being called up by the ISD, put away for good or be the last in line to successfully ballot for a HDB flat. Or ballot for one in Ulu Jurong.

Others have also gone on to suggest that the prime minister does not match up to tau huay, the local delicacy that tore a new one for Dîner en Blanc organisers and drew the ire of food scribes.

New Nation, a LOL political blog without much political content these days, has issued a one-liner statement stating why they are not mad about being dropped from CNA’s PM forum: “It is not as if we are going to meet Scarlett Johansson.”

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