Channel News Asia sneakily adds names to legitimise quotations

Posted on 24 September 2012

Sleight of hand by national broadcaster not well played. Tsk.

Channel News Asia published a half-assed article a couple of days ago extolling the virtues of F1 Singapore.

To make their point, they made use of anonymous sources to supply quotations acting as if it is appropriate and OK by journalism standards.

Which is not very healthy, considering CNA is not exactly New Nation.

Check out the original article:

Image stolen from here.

After drawing some flak and probably realising the Interweb is laughing at their professionalism, CNA decided to add some generic names and identification of nationalities to the sources to give the quotations some attribution and credibility.

Check out the altered article:

The usual practice of news outlets is to alert the reader to any editing of the article post-publication. This is what flagging is all about. It helps to build and enable trust because readers want to know when the publication is messing around with them.

But as a press in a class of its own, Channel News Asia is exempted from this international standard.

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