Police drops case, local filmmaker loses street cred

Posted on 21 July 2012

Martyn See, Singapore’s bravest documentary-maker, gets roped in to fight crime instead.

Letter that The Police sent to Martyn See. (Photo stolen from Martyn See’s Facebook)

Local filmmaker, Martyn See, has received a letter from The Police.

It states in no uncertain terms that the Men In Blue are ceasing all investigations as to whether he broke the law last September by organising an event on behalf of Singaporeans For Democracy (SFD), a now-defunct but previously gazetted political association that was into democracy, freedom and stuff.

Martyn, who is known for crossing paths with authorities resulting in people being generally more familiar with his reputation than the content of his films, was subsequently questioned by The Police last October.

However, nothing came out of the probe.

This latest move by the The Police is an encouraging sign that authorities are dropping cases such as Martyn’s in favour of catching real crooks who are deemed to have committed greater crimes instead.

Such as Sticker Lady, a.k.a. Samantha Lo.

And by dropping investigations, The Police are also hoping to soften Martyn’s image considerably.

Instead of massaging his image into a hardened activist, they are trying to make him out to be more Justin Bieber and Green Latern, with his cherubic looks.

Singapore’s bravest filmmaker, Martyn See. (Photo stolen from publichouse.sg)

To uphold Martyn’s street cred, The Police stated in the letter to him that together, they “can fight crime and keep Singapore safe and secured”.

This means Martyn must put down his camera and don a cape and wear his underwear outside?

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    TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!”This means Martyn must put down his camera and don a cape and wear his underwear outside?”