Kong Hee endears himself to the masses…

Posted on 12 July 2012

… as media reporters and camera personnel take taekwondo and Jujutsu classes in lead-up to trial-of-the-century on July 25.

On June 27 outside court, loyalists clashed with media resulting in a lot of photographs of sweaty palms and crotches.

In a bid to endear himself to the public-at-large and rehabilitate his image before his trial-of-the-century is scheduled to start on July 25 for allegedly performing sorcery on church funds, City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee has forced the shutdown of DiarySG, a semi-popular Singaporean parody YouTube channel that takes the mickey out of everyone.

DiarySG officially went down on July 10, a day after receiving a letter from CHC asking them to cease using the church’s material in a video montage that is unflattering.

Before its unexpected closure, DiarySG was known to have taken the mickey out everyone except Lawrence Khong and Joseph Prince, who are spared because they are deemed to be not popular enough compared to Kong Hee and his wife, Sun Ho, who is a singing legend here and in the US and A.

Forcing the shutdown of an indie YouTube parody channel with a copyright infringement claim is widely seen as a calculated move to increase Kong Hee’s widespread popularity and lovability.

Which resides mainly in his congregation.

This is because the entire DiarySG archive of funny montages spanning two years worth of work has been erased due to the actions of him and him alone — one man who could, on hindsight, just politely ask to have his video removed without anyone noticing, but didn’t.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “Applying a sledgehammer to a fly is visually exciting. But people, who do appreciate the lighter side of things and with a heart of forgiveness, will remember this for a long, long time to come. With hate in their hearts.”

However, the death of one parody outlet shall spawn the rise of other surrogate channels.

Which is also why, with less than two weeks to the the trial-of-the-century, mainstream media reporters and camera personnel are undergoing an unusual training routine.

With carbo-loading regime a part of their job scope now to gear themselves up for non-stop reporting when the trial starts, this will inevitably provide plenty of material for satirists to work with.

Photographers and video camera personnel are even taking Jujutsu and taekwando classes, with many signing up for courses to learn how to break their fall with martial arts expertise.

This move is largely inspired by the events outside of court on June 27, where a scuffle involving plenty of flailing hands broke out between CHC hardliners/ loyalists and innocent members of the press who just wanted to document something of importance, namely the exit of a pastor of a megachurch from court who was just formally charged with something big.

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  • DiarySG

    Love you lots lots, the trio of Fang Shi Han, Terence & Belmont Lay…

  • Mark

    Kong and Sun are not popular people in the USA. No one knows who she is nor do they really care. The red carpet photos and videos are not really. Please research your statements a little more deeply.

    • The Ass

      It’s meant to be sarcasm lah.

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