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Island-wide protests over McDonald’s curry sauce; PM Lee intervenes

Posted on 24 July 2012

Singaporeans are going bonkers over McDonald’s recent decision to start charging customers for extra packets of American-style curry sauce.

In fact, the outcry has spilled out from Twitter, onto the streets, and into every McDonald’s restaurant island-wide.

Reminiscent of the Occupy-style protests, locals are sitting-in the premises of the Golden Arches to demonstrate their hatred for the excesses of Western capitalism. Organizers describe the movement as a peaceful and non-violent one.

“You are encouraged to buy a Chicken McNuggets meal and reject every offer of curry sauce to show solidarity with us,” said the movement’s leader, human rights activist-lawyer N Mani. He rambled on that curry is an evil invention from New York, where there are “vampires in Empire State Building”.

Earlier this evening, the batty lawyer was seen performing a “protest dance” at the Speaker’s Corner in a bid to stir the crowd into action. It worked.

Protesters that spoke to are devastated by McDonald’s latest move, which the fast food giant claims is a measure to save the environment.

“They think we stupid ah. Two packets of curry sauce where got enough for six-piece nuggets?” says Fat Anne, who was slathering every inch of the nugget in BBQ sauce.

Sitting next to her is another protester, new citizen Dennis Osadebay, originally from Nigeria.

“I am impressed by Singapore. In Nigeria, we have Third World problems like hunger and poverty. Here, we have First World ones,” he said.

The situation has gotten so serious that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has intervened. He is putting together a committee of inquiry to look into the matter.

“It has come to my attention that free curry sauce is a matter of utmost national importance. More so than environmental sustainability, ministerial pay, and rising income gap,” he wrote on Facebook.

Despite pressure from both citizens and a government to resolve the situation, McDonald’s has thus far remained defiant.

“Don’t fuck with the Ronald,” said company founder and CEO Ronald McDonald when reporters asked him about the situation.

“Don’t you want to know how I got these scars?” he added, fishing out a knife.

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    u used the F word… OOooooHHH

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    kam lan.

  • michael

    Ever since they started charging for extra sauce I now randomly ask for extra even if iif I don’t want it I currently have 800 hot mustard sauces laying around that embarrassed McDonald’s employees gave me when the manager wasn’t looking