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Best Yahoo! FlipSide comment – yet

Posted on 17 July 2012

“Belmont is a pretentious jerk.”

By Belmont Lay

Editor’s note: The original Yahoo! FlipSide article about the Gardens by the Bay can be found here. After more than 700-plus comments by Yahoo! readers going “PAPpies is money face!” or “Sinkies pay and pay!” or “Gardens by the Pay is for foreigners!”, some chick called “Kimberly” wrote a lengthy well-thought out reply calling me a “jerk”. And I actually agree with her. Here it is:

Comment by Kimberly

Personally, I think you are a bit of a pretentious jerk for writing this and here is why.

Can I just start out with the fact that it is a tourist attraction for a reason? I can’t be the only idiot who’s noticed this right? And it has nothing to do with a suspicious lack of poor people as you put it or the fear of becoming passé.

I just went there myself, and it was one of the most beautiful pieces of human achievement that I have ever encountered. The domes were a marvelous feat of engineering and the variety of plant life impressed me even more. I myself have never had much interest in wildlife; however the place had me fascinated.

Oh and by the way, Singapore is supposedly known for its economic freedom, meaning the prices are high either because the economy is trending that way or because the owners can do whatever they want.

Besides, I have heard of other establishments in Singapore that cater specifically to foreigners, so you can give up your genius conspiracy theories of Singapore keeping the poor out of the public eye.

Now for this environment that you seem to be so in touch with. Do you like to insult the human species and everything it has worked for? Do you sip coffee with your super smart friends and talk about how you hate the way man is manipulating nature? Do you use insults to scare off anyone who disagrees with you so you won’t actually need to defend your argument outside the comfort of your manmade home and your manmade commuter where you probably blog all day about getting bake to “real nature”?

I hope you get thrown in the middle of Africa and eaten by lions so you can see how awesome “real nature” is. I don’t think anyone who has ever actually been in “real nature” will agree with you. Watch The Edge and you will know what I mean. Human achievement and engineering is amazing and you’re a jerk for downgrading it. Humans have taken thousands of years to take a ruthless, inhospitable world and make it into something great.

Stop and think about how far we have come. Stop and think about where we were before man manipulated nature. Before we made fires, houses, and clothes. It’s mind-blowing. And you are still sitting there complaining about high prices and unnatural chemicals.

Speaking of which, Singapore doesn’t grow any of its own food. That means pretty much anything you eat is shipped in. What do you think they use to keep all of that fresh? Fairy dust? No, preservatives. Humans manipulate everything!

It’s how we survive and that is not a bad thing. Think about what you are saying for a second. If you really want humans to stop manipulating nature than half of us would die. Is that really what you want so you can be one with nature with your super smart friends?

I think the truly beautiful thing is that we can now go beyond practicality and actually harness the beauty of nature for ourselves, so that everyone can experience it. We are not sticking it to mother nature, but showcasing the extent of her talent.

If you really are the Kimberly who wrote this, write to me at [email protected] You’ve just won for yourself a ticket to the Flower Dome conservatory at the Gardens by the Bay.

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  • James Tan

    I think Kimberly is barking at the wrong tree. Did she read the disclaimer at the beginning of the article . She should take it with a pinch of pepper. It is suppose to amuse first and foremost even if the criticism is beside the point. Where would we get humor in writing in singapore for free with the likes of Belmont Lay unless you get paid writers like Tay Yeak Keak.

  • DiarySG

     Kimberly is Kong Hee lah…