A uniquely ST way of tweaking news

Posted on 30 July 2012

On July 26, the New York Times ran this article about anti-mainland hate in Singapore.

Two days later, the Straits Times runs the exact same article, with a different headline.

Why so shy ST? Can’t talk about how the overcrowding issue has been framed around a mainlander inundation of Singapore?

Because then you’d have to talk about.. I don’t know. Who’s responsible for the pro-China push in recent years?

By the way, I also like how the New York Times published the article under “news” and you shunted to the “opinion” section. Because you’re more objective and balanced than them.


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  • Firerammer003

    Oh the poor immigrants

  • http://gssq.blogspot.com/ Agagooga

    It’s under Opinion because that’s where they always run New York Times articles (as far as I’ve seen)

    • Sally

      And this is because..? One man’s investigative journalism is another man’s opinion?

      • http://gssq.blogspot.com/ Agagooga

        Probably because of licensing. NYT is not an agency feed so they can’t put it under the News section like AP/AFP/Reuters stories.

        • Sally

          TODAY has a NYT section though, which gives it the cred that it deserves for producing quality investigative pieces, as opposed to lumping it under “opinion”, where Chua Mui Hoong also resides. 

          • http://gssq.blogspot.com/ Agagooga

            Precisely. They have a whole section with articles from the NYT. ST reprints articles selectively. Different model.

            You will notice that other articles from other papers are also published under Opinion in ST (go look, I’m sure ones praising Singapore are there too)

  • http://twitter.com/HoSandra2 Ho Sandra

    lan is lan loh what else? still lan!