Straits Times testing copyright law with name and shame campaign

Posted on 13 June 2012

Newspaper nicks woman’s photo from Facebook but A-star reporter Bryna Sim nowhere to be found to report on it.

Approximately four days ago, the ever-marvellous Straits Times’ Bryna Sim, reported on June 9 that the gnome-like blogger, Xiaxue, is running afoul of copyright law by reposting photos from her critics’ Facebook page on her own site:

Bryna Sim's splendid reporting on June 9 about Xiaxue.

An arts and entertainment lawyer Samuel Seow, who was quoted about the possible violation of copyright, clarified: “The photographers of the men in the photos own the copyrights. So only these photographers have the right to reproduce the pictures, based on the Copyright Act.”

The point of the article was to say that no one, not even the Queen, Scarlett Johansson with her voluptuousness or Fann Wong, what more Xiaxue, has the right to republish photos that don’t belong to them.

In today’s name and shame campaign in ST:

ST nicks woman's photo from Facebook. Where is Bryna Sim, that tattletail, when you need her?

And this has not gone down well for people who trusted Bryna Sim to tell the truth, all the time, without fear or favour.

Mai Pian Wah, said as he picked up a stone from the ground: “I looked everywhere and left no stone unturned but I cannot find Bryna Sim. Where is she when you need her to write a story about violating copyright?”

Buay Du Lan, said as he slow-clapped and made the tsk-tsking sound: “Well done, can say other people, cannot say yourself.”

However, a Manpower Ministry spokesperson, who agreed to comment on the condition of anonymity, said this case is not about copyright or privacy law.

It is about productivity and labour issues.

“The newspaper industry is facing a productivity issue, an efficiency problem. The reporter needs to undergo skills upgrading. They need to use technology and implement a mindset shift so that each reporter can report on more stories and not leave any story out and this will raise the overall productivity to boost Singapore’s economy.”

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  • Heng-Cheong Leong

    Copyright Act, Section 37: A fair dealing with a […] work […] shall not constitute an infringement of the copyright in the work if it is for the purpose of, or is associated with, the reporting of current events […].

    • New Nation Man

      Thank you for your support and timely reminder! New Nation is indeed reporting on current events all the time! :o{  <—- NOT BAD.

  • TL

    Bryna Sim was the reporter who couldn’t even get her language right.  See what I wrote last month:

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