Media photographer finds new job after Pastor Kong Hee scrum

Posted on 29 June 2012

He also thanks City Harvest Church for curing him of all his infirmities.

Most cameras managed to capture photos of crotches and sweaty palms.

A scuffle that broke out between the media and Pastor Kong Hee’s tribe of supporters outside the court on Wednesday has led one photographer to switch career overnight.

During the dry hump bonanza that has been widely reported due to the massive amounts of flailing hands, one of the members from the City Harvest Church entourage was heard shouting at a photographer while waving frantically into his camera lens: “Why don’t you go and get another job?”.

The photographer, who wanted to be known as Simon Peter, recounted the incident and said: “I found it quite miraculous that the City Harvest supporter said exactly the same thing as my editor when I returned to the office later that day.”

All the photos he took showed crotches and sweaty palms, with no traces of Pastor Kong Hee’s countenance, or his wife, Ho Yeow Sun’s goldy locks.

Simon said: “I had to go back to my editor and twiddle my thumbs while looking sheepish.”

That was when he was informed by his editor to get another job.

Simon claims that his colleague had it better as he managed to pull off one shot of the beleaguered pastor that will be going down into the anals of history.

(Pic stolen from Mr Brown's blog.)

Simon reasoned: “I was deluded but now I’m not. I thought I was just as good a photographer, but obviously, my colleague is better. I’m just an indie Instagram hipster.”

So, far from being hurt and broken, Simon is grateful to City Harvest and their tribe for the split-second brush and healing touch that cured him of all his infirmities, such as his delusion, besides giving him a new career.

Simon, said thankfully: “After I got fired, I applied for a new job. Now as an investment banker, I don’t have to waste my time fiddling with knobs and buttons.”

“And instead of wasting my time photographing celebrities like Sun Ho, I can now sit in the office, count and wear a suit. I make 90 grand a year. Easily”

City Harvest Church is free to use this story as testimony for their prosperity message during Sunday service.

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    When I first attend a service in City Harvest Church, I have a bad feeling about him and don’t really like the my cell group leader and congregation.