Generous donors teach Straits Times a lesson about unconditional giving

Posted on 02 June 2012

Singapore Children’s Society receives $817 in cash in one day – no strings attached.

$817 so far. 43 days left. This is how we do it, Warren Fernandez.

The Straits Times can sure learn a thing or two from donors who have stepped forward to give unconditionally to the Singapore Children’s Society.

In just one day, sums of money between $1 and $100 have been donated via to raise $817 so far.

This charity drive is a direct response to the ridiculous, brain-numbingly stupid pseudo-charity campaign, where ST pockets the money raised from auctioning off a sponsored (i.e. free) Volkswagen car and in return give ST newspapers to low-income families in the name of charity.

We at New Nation, however, believe this is completely lame and a poor excuse to boost circulation numbers.

So, if you too are pissed with ST’s “charity” drive, consider giving without any strings attached to the Singapore Children’s Society to help achieve the $107,500 goal – a target which is the price of the Volkswagen car that ST is auctioning off.

With 43 days to go before the REAL charity drive for Singapore Children’s Society ends on July 15, the message to ST is plain and clear: Do not ever use the underprivileged as collateral for marketing campaigns.

And do not conduct pseudo-charitable acts in the name of upping profits.

Hey Warren Fernandez, we just hope you feel a little bit bad inside whenever someone hits this button to give unconditionally:

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