Govt staged Sticker Girl arrest to promote her art, win over young people

Posted on 06 June 2012

In a shocking turn of events that has set tongues wagging, the Singapore government has been found to be conspiring with Sticker Girl to promote her art works all along.

“The arrest is all part of their ingenious plan,” says the whistleblower with a shiny head, “now everyone is talking about and making parodies of Sticker Girl’s works.”

Her blog‘s traffic was found to have shot up 1,000 times since her arrest, pushing her into the national spotlight.

The government has been faced with declining popularity among young people. They are also frustrated by their own inept social media outreach efforts, and sought to create a revamped approach towards reaching out to future voters.  Their idea required coordination among five ministries, the People’s Association, and the police.

“The thinking was that we would arrest and release her, and then the MPs and ministers would come swooping in like white knights, scold the police, and speak up for her. It’s win-win for both the street artist and us,” he says.

Last night, the police have reluctantly released the 25-year-old woman, although sources have said that she will likely be charged with vandalism.

Which makes it strange that none of the PAP politicians have spoken on the issue, despite it being almost a day since her arrest.

“They must be afraid they’ll say something stupid and screw our Lim Lau Peh,” says the insider, adding that a gag order has also been placed on the retired minister for fear that he might talk about repentance.

Instead, PAP MPs and ministers have resorted to putting stickers on their heads to show solidarity, and that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Meanwhile, Facebook is flooded with parodies of Sticker Girl’s now infamous stickers — a sign that the government’s plan is working.

One of them depicts Lim Lau Bu, who is widely speculated to be the sister of Lim Lau Peh, since both of them share similar features.

Both Lim Lau Bu and Lim Lau Peh have declined to comment, although it is suggested that Lau Bu was enthusiastically compliant about the government’s plans.

More parodies of her works:

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      u must this something positive because this is wrong.if u want to create trouble,please tell me and i immedialy will call the police ok?

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