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Co-workers fight over City Harvest Church fiasco after trading insults

Posted on 29 June 2012

It started as an innocuous debate about the City Harvest Church fiasco during lunch break. Things got a little heated, however, when two buddies working in an IT firm wouldn’t back down from their stand.

One of them, Alex Tan, a fervent member of City Harvest Church and an obedient fanboy of founding pastor Kong Hee, who was charged in court for financial misconduct.

The other is Roland Oon, a pimpled-face IT assistant and keyboard warrior who enjoys trolling Christians for sport.

Witnesses close to both parties said that their arguments did not stop when they returned back to office after lunch. They shared every scrap of news they found, and traded barbs on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.

They soon traded blows. For Roland, the last straw was when Alex said that he was about to go to hell for defaming a “man of God”. Incensed, Roland ran down to Alex’s desk, and gave him a holy smack right across the cheek.

It took five colleagues to finally restrain them.

The whole nation has become obsessed with the shenanigans of Kong Hee and Sun Ho for much of the past decade, when Sun, who is Kong’s wife, launched into a singing career.

The arrest of Kong and four others a couple of days ago brought the frenzy to a new high. All around Singapore, employers have noted that work productivity has dropped drastically because of the scandal. The attention generated has even brought down new media publications like The Online Citizen and

Employees have been observed to be constantly checking their iPhones at work, or pretending to type a document when in fact they are responding to comment on Facebook. They are also found to be frowning and sighing more than usual.

“The whole saga is even more drama than a Korean soap opera. They should really make a movie out of this eventually,” said Rose Tan, an admin assistant, keeping one eye on her laptop.

She did not offer suggestions about who can act as Kong Hee and Sun.

In the latest development, the church has issued a statement insisting that Kong Hee and gang are innocent. They even promised corrective action on the media, which they deemed to be biased against them.

Immediately, church supporters started echoing how the media is biased against them. They were notably silent when the press was unfair towards Singapore’s opposition parties.

Employers are at a lost as to what to do. Some have even thought about shutting down the Internet for the next couple of weeks. But with the ubiquity of mobile devices, that has become impossible.

“People really know how to stir up shit. My feed is bombarded with tweets either shouting unwavering support for the church, or mockers making fun of the situation. How am I going to convince my workers to get back to work?” said the exasperated CEO of the IT firm that Alex and Roland works in.

The two of them still hasn’t spoken.

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  • Chow Chee Hello

    Kong Hee is a very lucky man judging by this photo. His wife on his right and his lover on his left.

  • Chow Chee Hello

    Heard Kong Hee no longer enjoys oral sex with his wife as his current favourite song is “Don’t let the sun go down on me” by Elton John.

  • FusionCat

    [Looking inwards]10 yrs ago, I would have been very vocal about these type of incident, now I came to realise that 
    1. You gain absolutely nothing by “adding insult to other people’s injury”. 
    2. Focus on what you want in life (growth, learning and development), other people have their own road to walk.
    3. There are many things in life beyond our knowledge and control and any comment is useless.
    【相由心生,境随心转,自净其意,是诸佛教】。 – FusionCat

    • Pussy_finger

      Fusioncat is just being pussy wonder if she got fingered by kong her fa choi?

  • Faithless_fa_Chai

    This cheating kong hee fa choi is too much cheat ppl hard earn $ live in luxury nowadays new age pastors are all scumbags who rip off good religions ppl what is the world coming to pastors should live in church & preach without pay