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Thanks, Xiaxue, for ruining family photos forever

Posted on 25 May 2012

Look how pretty... her heavily powdered face is.

Dear Xiaxue,

I’m writing to you to complain about Face of Haters, the recent exposé you’ve written, where you published and ridiculed family photos of men that insulted you and your friends on Facebook.

Now, I’m afraid I can’t look at family portraits the same way again.

It used to be that when I see a dad in such pictures, I would go: “Wow, he must be such an awesome dad, raising two beautiful children and marrying such a gorgeous wife.”

I would imagine him going on picnics with his family in a beautiful field on a sunny day, teaching the kids how to fly a kite. I would imagine the children running to his arms after he returns from a hard day at work, planting innocent little kisses.

That impression is ruined. After reading your post, skeptical thoughts would flood my mind whenever I see a family portrait.

Now, I’d think: “Did this dad just called someone a slut on the Sammyboy forums? Did he sleep with a coworker while his pregnant wife cooks his favorite meal? Is he a child molester, and a pervert?”

Dads just aren’t what they used to be anymore.

What’s worse is that when I see my family photo, and my smiling dad in it, I shudder to think what dirty secrets he has, or what unsavory things he has done without us knowing.

Maybe he has a fetish for a certain kind of porn. Maybe he fished for porn on my laptop. Maybe he had visited a prostitute while my mum was pregnant with me.

I just want to say thanks, Xiaxue, for ruining family photos forever. Thanks for spoiling my innocent little world. Thanks for showing us that everyone is full of dirty secrets, and that behind every happy family portrait is a perverted dad.

And thanks for punishing those who are simply expressing out loud the hidden, genuine thoughts many have towards you.

Others are just afraid of typing it out.

Thanks to your actions, they never will.

Best regards,

Your disgruntled ex-fangirl

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  • Barry

    Don’t blame XX for feeding you the red pill.

  • Pearl

    You should probably thank your dad. 

  • Annoymous-maniac

    That’s life, tough isn’t it? ):

  • Thetastetouch

    Uhm you’re so lame. That’s stereotyping ALL family portraits. You’re the dumb one here. Oh my god I can’t believe what I just read. -.-


    how is this her fault? just because you lead a sheltered life doesn’t make her the bad person for exposing the truth to you.

    there are plenty of rapist/murderers out there with families. real sickos who have families and beautiful family portraits? hasn’t it crossed your mind that horrible people are sons/daughters/brothers/sisters/lovers.

    why don’t you blame the people that gave birth to these despicable people instead of blaming someone who shed light onto their lives and the fact that people and their lives aren’t as picturesque as it seems?

    your naivety/stupidity is overwhelming.

    also, it’s okay to have opinions about people. just have the guts to own up to them if you dare to voice it out on a public forum. if you call a person a whore then why can’t a person call you a pervert back?

    • Fish_G

      Oh dear, you were looking for logic? 

      Disclaimer: its in big big up above. 

      What it says: 50% real news.

      You and 14 others who like your post need to learn the fine art of reading between the lines. 

      Disclaimer 2: There is nothing written between the lines, because I haven’t come here to teach you how. 

      • Yellow_fellow123

        Gagging at you fishy fishy! *blergh

    • Reisz

      You ain’t a saint.

      “Judge not that ye be not judged” – Matthew 7:1-3

      By involving the perpetrator’s families with photos identifying and publicly shaming them in her “revenge” negated every sliver of moral high ground she might have possessed.

      Ultimately, you do not become a public figure just to hear the nice things, a public figure receives more hate than anything else and more often than not, it comes in the form of crude insults, if such taunts gets to her, she is not suited to be a media personality.

      “revenge breeds revenge”

      There is no need to degrade oneself to the level of those hurling insults by partaking in the very same act as they’ve done albeit under the veil of “retaliation”

      anonymous insults on the internet don’t cause bodily harm, they are not life threatening, neither do they change your self worth nor identity unless you allow it to.

      welcome to the internet.

  • Shanelle

    lol wtf.

  • Ko Sherman

    What a great parody of Ms Cheng’s letter.

  • dc

    the dudes got what they deserved, really
    and i’m not even a fan of xiaxue

    • Xiaxia

      I’m sure the wife and kids got what they deserved too!

      • Ghgfhf6

        It’s not what they deserve. But is that what xiaxue, her friends and families should deserve?

        • Xiaxia

          fight fire with fire then. you harm my family, i’ll harm yours. 

          • Ghgfhf6

            vicious cycle. what to do? :/

          • lkjhgfd

            Don’t start

    • Anna Shari

      no choice. the one who start the insult will be insulted back. I will insult back if they insult me hahaha. i dont think i want to see my own father go call girls “whores” just because of different political views…
      ok…that escalated quickly.

  • guest

    Hi girl, time to grow up and know some harsh truth. I’m with xiaxue’s side this time round. 

  • Ghgfhf6

    Those guys ruin their own family photos not xiaxue. Why should xiaxue think of their family members when they never even respect her and her parents and friends. How would it be like if her parents were to see guys calling her whore and ugly bitch. How are those even genuine thoughts? They have to pay for their actions! And they are grown up men that have families, I don’t know why they will speak that way towards someone they don’t know Or understand at all! If they can’t discipline themselves, how are they gonna educate their next generation the right values. So are they gonna tell their kids that if they angry with someone, call her a prostitute and ask her hOw much is her service per night? Oh ex-fangirl, why not try asking those men to insult you with those hurtful words?

    • Guest

      If someone is able to get affected so much by what a random person says then obviously she has alot of growing up to do. Just like what you said “they dont understand” so why can you even feel hurt when you know they dont understand. In this world, the impression you give people can only be portrayed by youself, if you want people to think your an auntie all you have to do is dress like one, and when someone says that you look like a prostitute, you probably should take a look at yourself first to see if you really do look or act like what they stated. What xx did has nothing to be right about, she is using her popularity to gain support and tell those young and immature fan girls she has that its ok to “bitch back” at people. If you dont want to be judged by people, dont ever come out of the cave that you reside in.

      • purrsandscratches

        and i’m sure those uncles actually based their observations of xiaxue on something concrete? please, all they saw was a trio of pretty girls wearing what normal girls these days wear – tank tops are not considered ‘revealing’ by any standards today – and the fact that they supported pap. and concluded that they were brainless prostitutes. which part of the photo they saw, pray tell, actually contained evidence which might lead one to think that they were ‘prostitutes’?

  • Kendong

    Now u know that it is not as perfect as u think it is, live on. Don’t live in your lala land.

  • Sult

    TThank this XiaXue for exposing herself so many of her shortcomings like her like of Ang Mo and dislike her own race. Now We know her jolly well.

  • LRT

    I mourn for your shattered dreams of perfect reality. Good day. 

  • starr

    seems to me you’re living in a world of you own. this is reality, there are in fact such men around. why do you blame xiaxue for exposing the truth? 

    it IS a fact that those men who insulted xiaxue and her friends, labeling them as whores and other sick, degrading terms are family men. perhaps its due to the image she usually portrays, but they did not have to voice it out in such a crude manner! what kind of good, loving father and husband has such sick thoughts about other girls?

    don’t forget, facebook is available to just about anyone. everyone, including young kids can gain access to the things these despicable men post about her and her friends. did they consider this when they posted those awful comments? obviously not! so how can anyone blame xiaxue for exposing them? when anyone could have easily come across those pictures and comments on their own?

    sure, she could have censored the wives and kids faces in the photos, cos i agree that their families are innocent. but i think it is a good thing that she highlights to everyone that the ones who bullied her, using derogatory terms on her are in fact family men.

    sucks to know that someone’s dad/husband is such a despicable, mean, crude and perverted person, but who can we blame, except for the ones who posted the indecent thoughts that their filthy minds held?

    • Fish_G

      Starr: Please refer to the links that ‘Guest’ has written on satire and sarcasm. 

      Stop mixing with people like YOURLOGICFAILSYOU. 

  • Guest

     @011014d85e6a2984c39f0c8da21c102d:disqus, @1f88b0d44283904b681a04fea804d97b:disqus, @d2a317600fe2c56c9c111eea1ccd6eb4:disqus, et al.

    It seems like you are having trouble grasping the concepts of satire and sarcasm.

  • Luio87

    You fucking bitch. Xiaxue is the model for all women to learn!

  • NomNom

    you’re just afraid to face the darker facets of humanity, my young, innocent friend~

  • Guest

    They weren’t just ‘expressing a genuine opinion’, idiot. Terms like slut are used to degrade all women when they act in a way that a man thinks is wrong – whether it’s being directed at one person or not, it has a fallout affect on other women. Slut is never used on men, it’s a gendered term that shows not only these creep’s opinions of Xiaxue, but their opinions of all women who don’t fit their little mould. They got what they deserved.

  • Posternobrain

    So if people don’t know xx and hate her for being a PAP supporter, does that mean it gives others the rights to call xx, qiuqiu & sophie PROSTITUTES? So if people are assuming that they are prostitutes and PRC/FTs, then can I say that xx also assumes that that is what your dad does based on his comments? IMHO, yes.

    Who started it first? Your dad. Did he have to leave the comment about them? No. Why judge others based on what is seen? Is it just because the 3 of them have face paint or is it because 2 of them are PAP supporters? Everyone has their own rights on who they support, so why the nasty comments from your dad?

    • Guest

       Dont want people call u a prostitute then dont wear like wear, wrap yourself up like an old auntie and im sure they wont give a dam.

      • Visakan Veerasamy

        Fuck this slut-shaming bullshit.

  • Incredulous

    I’m amazed a post about this ang mo wannabe received more comments that other posts.
    Imagine the wonders we can do, spending all that energy helping the needy. It’s just unfortunate how ignorance and apathy is becoming more prevalent in our society.

    • Fish_G

      There are needy in this island of gazillionaires?

  • Guest

    Wow… innocent yet know what is Sammyboy… 

    • eeyeryoulikesammyboy

      who the fuck doesn’t know what sammyboy is. it’s notoriety for gross men is known everywhere. christ. it’s better if more women knew what it was, they might learn a thing or two about men around them.

  • Chrilsim

    ‘gals ‘ who ‘just wanna have fun’ can destroy many families.

    is this right or wrong?

    xiaxue WILL know once her future family photos are abused.

    really xia- xue nag!!!

  • Wow Singaporeans

    LOL obviously in Singapore we need more lessons in irony rather than national education

    • The Slug Thrower

      No, I think we need more lessons on the usage of the word irony.

  • Shoot


  • Fish_G

    Dear ex fangirl,

    I think what you wrote flew over some heads, like a Chinaman in a Ferrari through the Victoria Rochor junction.

    • Gary

      Just goes to show that the nation isn’t ready for free speech; liberation of the press et al.

      Imagine what havoc The Onion on wreak on our insular thinking. Oh the horror.

  • Yasir Alam

    Eh, you should really put a NSFW tag on the link to Xiahue’s website, I admittedly shrieked like a little bitch when my poor internet connection managed to digest the last bits of that sickly web 2.0 page, and proceeded to splatter it across my screen. I’ve seen plenty of stuff in my life (hey, I watch AGoT), but that was new. On a sidenote, I didn’t know johnsons baby powder did blog wardrobe sponsorships.

  • Stupidsite

    sorry, but your dad prob does all those things.
    if you could turn invisible and listen to uncle talks,
    you’ll be amazed how….how…how…they are such…
    men. lol

    deal with it. she did nothing wrong but point out
    something obvious, based on those comments.

  • skyred5

    hello little girl ! time to grow up ! take out the stamps off your eyes and see the world !

  • Dude

    Dads can be awesome and still have unsavory secrets, no? Dads used to be dudes before they became dads, and dudes do stuff that dudes do.

  • JillJelly

    as a public figure, if someone insults you, i don’t think its a big deal. she’s a celebrity, so she should handle that professionally… i read that she strikes back. like seriously???

    • bee

      so celebs arent humans?
      get a life faggotface.
      im sure all celebs wud lash out (and probably some do anonymously) if they didn thave an “image” to protect. xiaxue doesnt have an image to protect or be afriad of getting jobs lost, cuz her job is blogging. shes self employed.
      lets see if u wud be saying that if ur nasty ass got called a gigolo/slu based on some group u chose

  • Yourface

    and you´re probably ugly.

  • Observer Drone

    Looks like the Xiaxue Fan-Army is here. Oh boy.

  • Fxxkyou

    Hahaha.I AM loving it. Pls do us all a big favour and start killing each other since you’re strangling each other literally so that the rest of us have more of everything when you cancel yourselves out.

  • Ye Wei Foo

    Wow, the comments are so amazingly dumb.

  • googly

    Xiaxue does not understand that being a celebrity means you can and will be exposed to all sorts of opinion and talk.

    Does she constantly brag about being the top blogger in Singapore without realising the irony of her moaning about others insulting her?

  • Crystalskyes

    Xiaxue is a bullshitter anyway.
    I read 2 sentences off her blog and left because I could feel stupidity trying to diffuse into my brain.
    This girl was an idiot to begin with anyway.

  • Minghui Kuok

    So amazingly enough, this goes two ways. Either people will believe someone is bashing Xiaxue or just simply put, this is merely a satire laughing at the hypocrisy where all those self professed “family saints” are concerned. Wow, it’s so simple to reach this conclusion. 😛

  • itissatire

    what has the singapore education system produced? People who takes things so literally that there are idiots here who don’t seem to understand the meaning of SATIRE …. I lol-ed at this article as it’s so obviously a satirical piece and yet there are actually goondus who took it word for word.. how idiotic can you be?

  • melanie

    You’re pathetic.

  • Dufus

    Hahaha, I can’t believe there are fans of xiaxue. probably those who think SMRT is run well and garmen officials are poorly paid, and deserve millions.

    She looks like a slut, dresses like a slut, post pictures to show that she is a slut and is offended when people call her a slut? Come on, if there is, her face will be there on definition of slut

  • Chilli

    I believe XX has her own dirty little secrets. Just that she dare not share them. Some of her posts are really offensive. And she’s literally plastic head to toe. Gosh.. Embrace your beauty girl! Without those cake frostings on your face.

  • observer your dickhead

    oh please. if it is a comment which i cant say to another’s face, it is not suitable to be a comment under any circumstances. just like how someone calls you a slu* to your face, you will rebut. when done online trying to hide their identity, its only fair what XX did. i am not a fan of XX as she seems way too annoying for my taste but what she did was justifiable.

  • Zhenna

    It’s just so sad.. you dunno who you can trust, anymore.

  • Summer

    well … i think everyone who is in this is pretty stupid … here’s the thing no one likes to hear nasty things about themselves and this is the internet for god sake … what did you expect … everyone is a b**ch and an a** hole deep down … its not like their whipping out their di*ks and poking your face with it … its nasty to talk shit about people, calling them horrible names but is it nice to put their family photo up online with a adorable little girl or boy in it who does not know anything … what if they get hurt (literally) … or if they heard ” hey look his/her dad is a super gaylang expert and has an obsession with prostitution according to xiaxue’s blog “i mean,that is surely something your son or daughter would love to hear 😀 really .. chill …

  • 268

    “Look how pretty her heavily powdered face is”?!
    Are you kidding me!
    Evidently, this type only tickles the balls of ang mohs.. so who’s complaining about them taking away our girls? they’re merely filtering the sub standard!

  • wtfisthis

    what the hell is this. i wanted to read news, not pathetic rants about “i used to be a fan now im not because you blogged about a man who is a dad”. some people!!

  • jarrod

    wah lao. a loser pretending to be a saint.


    whats wrong with you!

    Xiaxue revealed the faces of her haters, and you are angry at her?
    What she did was brilliant and brave. She just showed the world a new way of countering cyber-bullies- by standing up for herself.

    It’s not like she randomly picked on them. They voluntarily wrote such nasty remarks about her. They think that the internet gives them anonymity and power, but no, it doesn’t.

    You shouldn’t blame her for ‘ruining’ things, but you should thank her for the proving that people cannot write hurtful comments and get away with it.

    If you want to retain your innocence, you can always continue thinking this: Just because some of these men are married doesn’t mean that all of them are prostitute-vising, women-degrading.

  • my 2cents

    some people just can’t accept reality and prefers not to be in it. Then the only way is keep ownself from the world. People are not afraid of typing what u typed. the world is not only about u, Not all people think like you.

  • NOPE

    Faith in Singapore lost.
    1. Those ”males” are typical keyboard warriors and at their respective ages, its gross.
    2. Xiaxue stooped to their level when she retaliated. But fine, they ”deserved it”. ”Dont dish out what you cant take”
    3. This article is clearly satire yet people dont get it
    4. Not such a big deal, yet people are making a big fuss

  • Not a fan of xia xue

    haters gonna hate, xiaxue is still gonna be happy with all her popularity, and look at you guys? How is this really beneficial to you? Is she gonna stop posting pictures about her family? Gotta say, you’re just jealous, just really jealous of her life. Innocent lil world you claim that you’ve, go do something about it, fuck yourself bitches.

  • piiiiiiiiper

    i aint a fan of xiaxue but I can’tblame here. those “dads” are already fathers, why would they do such childish things and say immature stuff?

  • anonymous

    Macai WPWW Detected

  • SharonJing

    hahaha! its time to grow up dude! u think the world is beautiful? u think all dads behave that way? no! she just highlight to you the reality to u. anyway u can choose to believe yr dad is a good man, unless he doesnt. not all man/father/husband behave that way, but certiantly there are ppl who does

  • terry

    you can choose not look at what she said lol

  • qoo

    ohwell you just haven’t been exposed how ugly and disgusting the society is and the man and woman around you. Xiaxue is just giving you an eye opener. So just grow up and look in the other perspectives

  • Ayumi

    Don’t want to know doesn’t mean didn’t happen. It’s a sad and shocking truth. That’s the reality. Wanna do something abt it? Shutdown sammyboy forum or other similar sites that give easy access to sexual vices. It’ll be damn hard I tell u. Even authorities are human themselves and maybe just maybe have their own dark secrets….


    LOL this girl must be a little kid. FACE IT. even if she didnt point out, porn has been around us all this while. STOP hiding inside the Well of your mind and get out and see the REAL world

  • #shameonyou

    What’s wrong with pointing them out if they are the one at wrong in the first place? You get what you deserve, and I am sorry if maybe one of those “dads” happens to be your dad, but if he’s the one who stirred trouble first then you should be writing an article to him on how he should have minded his own business or you can just suck it instead of putting the blame on others.

    Not a fan of Xiaxue but you really need to start thinking before you speak.

  • Coco2say

    Honestly, not all men are perverts. Cause many of them do not know who is XiaXie, nor do they even bother to insult anyone. Hope that helps you to change your perception about daddies.

  • Elle

    This is just such bullshit. Thanks for spoiling your own innocent world? Wake up girl. And face the reality. This is the real world. Everyone has their own secrets and yes people are all open to their presumptions on what other people, fathers for example may be like. Just because one woman expressed her feelings openly about what she is thinking does not mean you have to redicule her. It’s her own brain! It’s her own thinking! Nobody is rightfully innocent. Unless your a little child in primary school or nursery, it’s time to face the facts. No one is a clean sheet of paper.

  • Teddy Lewis

    fakeness overload,mother fuckersss,,XDD

  • Jay

    Oh please. That’s your problem, girl. Stop sounding like a spoilt girl an grow up!!!

  • jiggly jiggle

    Ya wish is to get laid twice a month? I guess u can forget abt xiaxue being one of them

  • Annoyed

    I don’t think it’s wrong of her to do so. She’s just showing the reality that you were too sheltered and naive to see.